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Write an essay (700-900 words) in which you analyse and interpret "Gods lift is out of order" by Karen McCarthy.

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God's lift is out of order 1. Write an essay (700-900 words) in which you analyse and interpret God's lift is out of order What is it like to be left behind by someone close to you? Everywhere you will find people who have lost somebody near them - it is only natural. But what makes a person want to loose their own life? Life is not always easy to be a part of and some choose to leave by committing suicide without thinking about those who are close to them. Perhaps suicide seems the only way to solve someone's problems, but it is a selfish act and it is the people left behind who are suffering. In the short story by Karen McCarthy "God's lift is out of order" we read about these matters. The first-person narrator of the story is a girl, a black girl from Jamaica who lives in England. She has a boyfriend, Ed, who she is in love with, but even though he is mentioned in the story, we do not hear much about him. The story centres around a whole other man named Aaron, who is a friend of the female narrator. Her story begins with a dream. It is a dream about this Aaron, who we later hear about in reference to some things the two of them have done together. ...read more.


And the truth is that she actually did not mean the things she said, she really missed him. Her reaction towards these information's shows that she appreciated the friendship of Aaron's, but also that she might have had a feeling that Aaron wanted more than just friendship with her and therefore tried to keep a distance. On the one hand because of her relationship with Ed, but on the other hand she also knows that Aaron has gone too far with his drug abuse. The main themes in this story are premonition and the feeling of regret. The dream we hear about in the beginning of the story is set as a warning to the main character and afterwards she keeps thinking about Aaron. She sees him fall to his death whilst screaming out her name and she wakes up calling out his. But as any other she only sees it as a nightmare and not as a bad omen. You can think of the sign "God's lift is out of order" as a hint to. As mentioned before it represents the wrongness of Aaron's death - he dies too young. And had the narrator only read the Valentine's card from Aaron, when she received it, she might have been able to prevent him from killing himself. ...read more.


2. Give a brief account (200-300 words) of the devices used en Edward Munch's painting The Scream and compare it to Mick Westerlund's photo. The Norwegian artist Edward Munch painted the world known painting "The Scream" in 1893. It is an expressionistic oil painting that centres around a screaming person. Using dramatic lines in the background draws attention further to the screaming person who is in direct focus this way. Also that the point of view is almost in human perspective makes a stronger impression. The use of warm colours in the sky in contrast with darker bluish colours gives a dramatic effect. Comparing the painting to the photo by Mick E. Westerlund is difficult because of the different devices used in these two images. "The Scream" by Edward Munch is a painting while Mick E. Westerlund's is a photograph. To create the effect as desired he uses only black and white colours. So the only real comparison between the two images is the perspective of a human point of view and that the person in both pictures wear dark, if not black, clothes. In "The Scream" it symbolizes the chaos and frustration the person seems to be feeling and in the photo it relates to somewhere of an ending for the girl walking through the gate. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sabine Dahl Petersen 3.c Engelsk d. 7/1 2009 1 ...read more.

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