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Write four paragraphs about I heard a fly buzz focusing on language, imagery,rhythm and Dickinsons different ideas

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Write four paragraphs about ‘I heard a fly buzz’ focusing on language,imagery.rhythm and Dickinson’s different ideas… Emma ‘I heard a fly buzz’ explores the cliché rituals of death being interrupted by this peculiar fly and being a distraction in the room to the deceased who supposedly should be in the limelight and the main focus of the room and primarily the main focus of attention. The death rituals is the idea of the deceased having close family mourning by his or her death bed and the decease looking almost near to perfect and having some sort of angelic feel to them. The death rituals also occur in many religions and the religious believers follow the rituals very strictly. Dickinson proclaims “the stillness in the room” she describes the state of the room as being “still” this could perhaps represent the fly taking ultimate control in the room. Or maybe represents people’s sheer horror of religion and the catastrophic consequences that comes along with it. Hence why there was this stillness in the room almost as the whole world paused in terror. ...read more.


However the symbolism of ?failed windows? could be the cause of death of the patient perhaps the patient had some sort of illness and the body was shutting down hence why the ?windows failed? as after the line she proclaims ?I could not see to see? as her windows are her eyes but the illness beat her and shut down her body. Dickinson uses imagery in the line ?between the light and me? we possess from this line that this person might perhaps of faced a near death experience and going through this tunnel of light approaching before their final breath of life. It is as if there whole life has flashed in front of them and they are currently under- going the last stages of life. ?between the light- and me- uses dashes to represent the tunnel the person is going through or perhaps we can gain another interpretation from the line perhaps ?light suggests that it is coming from heaven and she is ready to be taken. However as the sentence uses dashes she is undermining heaven and wondering if it is a place her soul will take her too after she is dead or wonder if another life will be on the cards. ...read more.


syllables which it is the longest of the lot perhaps she has lots of items to give away which aren?t personal to her heart as she ?signed away? extremely quickly perhaps she realises she?s about to die and is unable to take these useless items with her and wants to get rid of them and these items perhaps reflected the items in her life and showing she doesn?t feel life is of any value to her. She also states in a six syllable metre of ?what portion of me be? possessing the fact that not many of her items she is signing away mean a lot to her and only a small portion she is truly accountable for. Dickinson perhaps uses the common metre here to show big or small if you die you cannot take your ?keepsakes? with you when you die hence why she ?signed away?. In the six-syllable line she proclaims ?Assignable and then it was ?perhaps meaning she didn?t have to think twice about writing her will as she realizes death is slowly approaching for her and the quicker these items go the faster she can focus on death. ...read more.

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