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Writing to inform

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Scooters! Safe or Scary? Do you think scooters are safe or scary? Most of you would probably say both. You would expect them to be safe as many people use them for transport, but that's not always the case. The Law. There are obviously laws to riding a motorbike, just the same as there is to driving a car. You must stick to these rules for your own and other people's safety. Here are most of the laws you must follow:- * Wearing a helmet. * If you are on a provisional licence you must have Learner plates. * If you are on a provisional licence you can't carry passengers. * You must keep to the speed limits. I bet most of you are wondering what a provisional licence is? You can take the test when your just 16 and it enables you to ride a 50cc scooter, which by law are restricted to 30 miles per hour. ...read more.


If you are looking to insure a 50cc scooter depending on what REG it is (registration number.) It would cost you �200 to be covered for fire and theft; this means that if your bike is stolen you are covered. If you don't think that this is enough you can go fully comprehensive, which means your scooter is covered for anything, and if you put someone else name on your insurance, and they have a licence they can then ride your bike legally. This will cost you around �450. You will have to insure your bike once a year. MOT. All people have to have an MOT on their scooter or motorbike, just like you have to with a car. An MOT is just a check up on your bike, to make sure its still in good enough condition to be on the road. ...read more.


Just last week I had my bike stolen from off my drive. I got it back a week later in pieces and even had to pay �200 to get it out of the compound, I was disgusted!" Even though it is unfortunate, there are many ways in which you can protect your bike:- * Chains- these are big chains which go trough your back wheel. They are hard to remove and extremely heavy. * Disc lock- this is a small circular disk which has a bolt going through it, you attach it to your brake disk on your front wheel, and secure it by turning your key to lock the bolt. Finally... The reason why most people enjoy bike riding is because it's fun, and exciting. Also if you're only 16 it gives you a sense of responsibility. As long as you keep your bike safe it doesn't have to be a battle, so why not grab your helmet, and go for a ride! ?? ?? ?? ?? Coursework Emily Fricker. Word Count: 787 ...read more.

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