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You would never expect to find the same kinds of characters in Flare Path (1942) as in Charlotte Gray (1996). The public at the time wanted very different things. Discuss

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?Although the texts are set at the same time and share some thematic similarities, you would never expect to find the same kinds of characters in Flare Path (1942) as in Charlotte Gray (1996). The public at the time wanted very different things.? With reference to two characters (one from each text) discuss the extent to which you agree with this view. ?Charlotte Gray? and ?Flare Path? share the same context of WWII however, ?Flare Path? was written for the war time audience whilst ?Charlotte Gray? was written 50 years after the war for an audience who were greatly relaxed towards the war. Charlotte and Patricia are two characters with similar contexts however as the public was different there are contrasts between them and what they stood for as well as conforming to gender inequality differently. Despite the different public there are similarities such as the fact that they both have selfish motives and the main purpose is love. ...read more.


Therefore, the reader is able to foresee the fact that Patricia is having second thoughts and hence the ending is very uninteresting. On the other hand, ?Charlotte Gray? quite exciting as the Charlotte takes the role of a brave heroine and against all odds manages to find her new lover in occupied France. The idea of a completely inexperienced woman being a spy and finding her lover keeps the reader engaged throughout, which is what the audience wanted at the time. Moreover, the concept of the ending being predictable is perhaps due to the fact that the audience wanted there to be a happy ending and promote the idea of togetherness in times of such hardship. Differently, in ?Charlotte Gray? the ending is also happy however, the reason is possibly more due to the reader wanting Charlotte to be rewarded after her odd-defying efforts. ...read more.


is important whilst Charlotte was the hero due to her helping the war but more importantly due to the fact that love conquers all. The concepts of heroism links to the gender inequality differences at the time felt by the public because ?Flare Path? was written in the 1940?s WWII context where the women expected to stay home and support the war from home. Whilst in 1990?s there was a much greater role of women in society following their emancipation meaning that the audience was not surprised by Charlotte taking the lead role of an independent whilst if it were to happen in the time of 1940?s the public would be very much be surprised as a woman is gaining so much responsibility. The difference in the responsibility is seen by the fact that Peter comes to find Patricia in the UK showing his role to be much greater while on the other hand Charlotte enters occupied France to find her lover. ...read more.

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