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AS and A Level: General Studies

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  1. Louis Farrakhan and Afrocentricity

    Minister Farrakhan was first came into contact with the teachings of the Nation of Islam in 1955 while in Chicago, IL. When he was introduced by the Nation of Islam's doctrine, he became immersed and captivated by the values and lessons that it preached. Inspired and encouraged by Malcolm X, Farrakhan joined the Nation of Islam in July of 1955.

    • Word count: 2800
  2. The Kite Runner

    The story is mainly about his journey to redemption. However, throughout the novel we begin to feel extremely frustrated with Amir, as he grows increasingly jealous of his father's apparent interest in Hassan and begins to treat Hassan more like a servant than a friend. Additionally, Amir has a problem being able to stick up for himself or others, showing he is very weak and at times incredibly selfish. Later on, however, we do begin to feel increasingly sorry for Amir as he feels he has to constantly fight for his father's love an approval, thus leading him to betray Hassan.

    • Word count: 2364
  3. Special Education - The Inclusion Debate

    Department of Education's Office of Vocational and Adult Education. According to these statistics, in the year 2000, 16% of the total students belonged to the age group 16-18. (http://www.ed.gov/offices/OVAE/AdultEd/2000age.html). Before this year, there was no such category and these students were listed as a part of another category - aged '16-24'. Records indicate that in the year 1999, 35% of students belonged to this '16-24' category. But if in the year 2000, the number of students aged 16-18 (16%) is added to the number of students aged 19-24 (25%), then this adds to a total of 41% students in the age group 16-24, thus clearly indicating the rising trend of youth enrolment since 1999.

    • Word count: 2463
  4. Stem cells

    A chance for them to start a new life and live free once again. Despite the great benefits one can receive from stem cells research there are some issues that come up. The main issue is the question about whether embryonic stem cell research is moral or not. The whole argument is that using an embryo for stem cell research is equivalent to murder because some believe a human life begins at these early stages of development. Second, people are angry that nothing has been cured with embryonic stem cell research so far. They are angry that the miracles that have been promised to them from embryonic stem cells have not proven so yet.

    • Word count: 2114
  5. The role of women compared to the role of men in Draculas Guest and other Weird Stories

    She is a vampire whose seductive trance brings sex and death together in a horrific way. Women are supposed to be seen as beautiful, gentle and soft creatures, but Stoker sees women as being dangerous. The female sexuality in Stokers' stories are seen as disillusioning. "Tightly fitting white clothes, which showed off her extraordinary slim figure" (211). The character in The Lair of the White Worm uses her femininity to lure a man into marriage for financial help. However, she is also the white worm of the novel's title, a disgusting prehistoric survival that preys on humans and animals.

    • Word count: 2306
  6. Compare and contrast the roles of Napoleon and Snowball in shaping the social structure of Animal Farm after the Rebellion

    Old Major's idea of freedom was that no human could be allowed on the farm and that no animal can copy humans and the evil things they do. When Old Major died of old age, soon after telling his dream to the other animals, Snowball quickly took charge and was willing to practice the idea of Animalism on the farm. He wanted to provide a change for all the animals. Snowball was a wise pig and a good speaker who really wanted to make life better for all.

    • Word count: 2524
  7. An exploration of the theme of Deception, good or bad in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (William Shakespeare) and THE ROVER (Aphra Behn)

    force ..."3 This of course acts as an introduction to the theme of deception and shows us, the audience how easy and tolerated deception is in the world of Messina .It shows how easy it is to control a person's life and manipulate anyone's feelings. This is reflected in the second example of the benevolent plans set by the characters; the gulling or tricking of the two, presumably past lovers, Benedick and Beatrice. This deception can be seen as a "white lie"4 .The two characters are tricked by a larger group of characters including the respectable and estimable Leonato whose

    • Word count: 2208
  8. Assess The Relationship Between Crime, Poverty And Social Protest In The Eighteenth And Early Nineteenth Centuries.

    Even within a society there may be disagreements on what constitutes a crime, and the difference between a criminal and non-criminal act may rest on the context of the act. Legislators too may create new crimes while decriminalising other acts. Poverty is perhaps less problematic to define, since it is usually considered with respect to ideas of subsistence and meeting the requirements of physical well-being (Gardiner & Wenborne 1995, 613). Even so, it should be considered as relative to changing expectations and living standards.

    • Word count: 2889
  9. health and safety

    a manner which avoids, reduces, or controls risks to health and safety so far as reasonably practicable such that the construction projects can be built and maintained safely, adequately resourced and appointed early enough for the work they have to do. Designers must make sure that they are competent and adequately resourced to address the health and safety issues likely to be involved in the design. Designers are often the first point of contact for a client. The CDM Regulations 2007 require designers to check that clients are aware of their duties under the Regulations.

    • Word count: 2864
  10. Aspects of Racism

    The biological racism relates, as its name suggests, to biological differences (skin colour, skull shape, etc.) A racist abuses biology to the devaluation of its victims. Cultural racism uses the cultural differences. It can be said that biological and psychological racism are always found in a combined form. This creates an absolute society of course. It should be noted that the term racism is in the context of its definition confusing and not correct, because it actually suggests that it is exclusively concerned with the devaluation of another race, but it is a devaluation of another ethnic group, regardless of whether they become a different race or not.

    • Word count: 2304
  11. a study of the range and scale of the industry which illustarates its current social and economical importance.

    Demographic changes have also influenced the balance of demand for different leisure products. On the basis of exclusive research commissioned from BMRB Access, Key Note has established the extent to which patterns of leisure activity vary across the different segments of the UK population. Of particular note are the changes that have taken place in the age structure of the population and in household composition, with the population becoming older and household size becoming smaller, in part a consequence of a rising divorce rate.

    • Word count: 2390
  12. Citizenship Coursework

    I will also use my two weeks of work experience from 20th June till 9th July. I then had pre-placement interview on the 8th of June, which I discussed my coursework plans with Elena who would be my boss for the durations of the two weeks. We discussed how I would be working with members and which sections I would be allowed to work. This way I could learn exactly their job role in the company. I also discussed my action plan and organised how the two weeks would be broken down in to.

    • Word count: 2217
  13. Legal and Political Factors That Affect Tescos.

    to Tesco because it puts the business down on the way they are performing for example the employee can lie about their absence for being off several weeks and still get paid for his excuse of being ill or sick. This can put Tesco in a tricky situation because the employee can be absence for a long time, One strategy I could suggest for Tesco to avoid employees going away for such long time is to put a method in place which will allow them to double check the leave of their employees to make thy haven?t been lied to.

    • Word count: 2075

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