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a study of the range and scale of the industry which illustarates its current social and economical importance.

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A study of the range and scale of the industry which illustrates its current social and economical importance. Consumer spending in the UK on leisure products and services. The lifestyles of UK residents have undergone some substantial changes over the past few decades. Among the most notable changes are those that have taken place in the patterns of leisure activity for a large proportion of the population. In this report I will cover a review and an analyses current demand for those products and services that serve the leisure activities market, including audio-visual and computer equipment, sports equipment and games, as well as cultural and recreational services provided by cinemas, theatres, libraries and museums. The bar chart blow shows the percentage of consumer spending. As we can see the goods/.products have decreased since 1990 and the amount of services have increased. Over the past 25 years, increases in disposable income and consumer expenditure have brought about steady growth in leisure markets. This growth in demand has been sustained by the continued development of products that have relied for their success on technical developments such as CDs, videos, DVDs, the Internet and digital radio and television. Changes in leisure lifestyles have also been supported by the development of concepts such as branded restaurants, multiplex cinemas and fitness centres that have relied less upon technical progress and more on innovation and organisational and marketing expertise. ...read more.


So they will need an ablility to enjoy meeting and realiting to wide range of people. Similarly, good with communication skills, both written and oral are important. To give some idea of the opportunities available, I have listed a section of jobs from each component of the leisure and recreation industry. It is important to rember that some jobs such as facility management, sales and marketing will be available across all sectors, while others are more specific to that particular industry component. Example of jobs within industry components * Arts and entertainment Performers / Presenters/ concert hall manager/ assistant manager/ box office manager/ assistant museums officer/ warden/ assistants/ visitor service assistant/ education officer/ bar maid or man/ publican * Sports and physical recreation Health and fitness instructor/ outdoor pursuits/ education instructor/ physical education teacher/ professional sports person/ sports administrator/ sports centre manager/ leisure facility manager/ leisure facility assistant/ sports development officer/ sports medicine/sports coach/ swimming pool attendant/ lifeguard/ sales assistant/ sports retail. * Catering Head chef/ Sous chef/ commis chef/ waiter/ waitress/ restrant manager / pub manager/ fast food floor manager/ barman or barmaid/ conference and banqueting manager or assistant. * Heritage attraction Education officer/ facility manager/ assistant manager/ customer service manager/ guide/ marketing/ pr manager/ conserver/ archaeologist. * Countryside recreation Gardener/ grounds person/ countryside warden/ ranger /park ranger/ assistant/ conservation/ outdoor pursuits instructor/ leader gamekeeper / countryside recreation officer/ manager/ education officer. ...read more.


Studies also constantly demonstrate who regularly participate in leisure activities that match their interests and personality have an increased sense of well being. The benefits of engaging in a preferred leisure activity for a person's wellbeing are considerable. Though leisure can temporarily escape from the pressure of time and be burden of commitments and responsibility. Leisure can be an asset in dealing with life's demands and assessing a person to develop a more balanced life. The physiological benefits of leisure are also numerous and translate into the potential to reduce healthcare costs. Two important theoretical constructs of leisure that provide health benefits are those of flow and serious leisure. Csikszentmihalyi developed the concept of flow after researching the way people engaged in their favourite activities be they work or leisure. This research is important because it demonstrates that leisure is not simply the opposite of work. People engage in flow are tottaly immersed in their choice activity. To expertise a complete sense of flow, one has to let go of the desire to the master time and instead master the experience. Flow experiences are intrinsically motivated. People engage in these experiences for the love and pleasure that participating in occupation can provide, and the subsequently enhances the health and wellbeing. Local, national and Europe government strategies that affect participation in leisure activities. ?? ?? ?? ?? Stacey Morris AO2 Leisure Studies Page 1 of 10 ...read more.

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