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'All art is propaganda of some form.' Discuss.

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GENERAL PAPER - COMPOSITION 'All art is propaganda of some form.' Discuss. Propaganda is a sort of message that is directed at changing the opinion of people about an issue. The insinuation is that propaganda is usually filled with untruths and half truths. Art is expression of any form including literature, music and painting, dancing and lately even the cinema. It seems to be an unusual allegation to say that art is propaganda. By a little stretch of the meaning, we can take propaganda to mean that art intends to send a message and change the belief in something - probably on what art is. Art in die form of literature could fall under propaganda. ...read more.


Every artist has a message in his work, though many of them are personal and often express the artist's beliefs, experiences and even moods. What often happens is that an artist creates something according to his mood or feelings and calls it what he pleases and tries to get others to accept that it is art - and often expects to be well paid for it. Often he gets paid but as often gets laughed at. In the case of the latter instance, it is back to the drawing board. Occasionally his art gets recognized many years later, perhaps even after he is no more. Music is certainly a propaganda. ...read more.


This is certainly propaganda and is accepted with happiness by the masses. This form of propaganda is a step towards a united world and so is acceptable. There has long been a desire to make the cinema accepted as an art form. Purists have so far refused to but when we consider that photography is an art form, then cinema must be too. In fact cinema combines several art forms such as acting, photography, literature, music and dance. In the case of cinema it is clear that it is propaganda. It is constantly changing and getting more and more daring. It is easy to see that indeed, art is propaganda in the sense that it seeks new definitions of what is accepted in each form as art. (614 words) ...read more.

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