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animal testing

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"How far do you agree that testing on animals is right?" For a great number of years now animal testing has been a widely used strategy for testing household products, new medicines and cosmetics among other products. Each and every product used by humans is first tested on animals, and this has lead to the ethics of animal testing to be addressed and questioned. It has recently been estimated that 20 million animals are used for testing and are killed annually; this confirms the danger of animal testing. However, although one would argue that there is much danger to animal's lives surrounding many of the tests that they are subjected too, can we not to an extent also argue that these tests are justified for avoiding the danger to the lives of humans? Supporters of animal testing may argue that testing on animals is justified because it helps to discover ways to help humans and also other animals in the future. Testing on animals has assisted in developing vaccines against diseases such as polio, measles, mumps, rubella and TB, diseases that may inevitably save the lives of many humans. ...read more.


Although animals to some people appear to be the perfect candidates for such testing, as the lives of animals are not seem to measure with that of humans, the experiments are in fact untrustworthy and may give unknown side effects. These different side effects from experiments occur as the physical anatomy of animals and humans is considerably different and it can be noted that animal testing does not foreshadow human reactions to the product. From this, it can be said testing on animals is not right as the desired results will not be accurate to the human body and these inaccuracies may later be blamed for many deaths. Many people argue that although animals appear physically different to humans through appearance and organs the biological definition for humans and animals is exactly the same. "[A] Ny living organism, excluding plants and bacteria: most animals can move about independently and have specialized sense organs that enable them to react quickly to stimuli: animals do not have cell walls, nor do they make food by photosynthesis. This definition it can be argued confirms that in fact humans are animals and although humans and animals have physical differences the similarities between are immense. ...read more.


The anatomy of animal is far too complicated for computers to simulate perfectly, so this method would not seem as effective and like animal testing often proves untrustworthy, it can be argued so would this method. To conclude it can be argued that the world today appears less aware of the pain and suffering that animal testing is actually inflicting on animals, and from this animals importance within society is judged to be in-comprisal to that of human importance. I agree to an extent that animal testing does seem right in certain instances, as without the use of animal testing medicine may be not where it is today. Treatment towards curing the disease of cancer may not have progressed and millions of humans live therefore sacrificed. However, similarly to humans, animals have put been on this earth and created by God in order to live. Genesis puts out that we should love all of Gods creations, and it is for this reason I believe animal testing can never be justified. Animals have the right to life as much as humans, and to an extent I agree that humans should not compromise these lives in order for our own lives to be more enjoyable. ...read more.

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