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Ban the School Uniform!

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School Uniform. Who actually likes school uniform? Nobody. Nobody in their right mind wants to wear exactly the same clothes that hundreds of people are wearing at the same time, in the same place. Why do people wear school uniform? Because they have to. There is no law saying people have to wear school uniform, so who says you have to? Governors, head-teachers, your parents? They all say "wear your school uniform" And why? Because they were told to wear uniforms when they were at school. It's not because they like school uniform, or that they think it makes you look smart like they always tell you- it's because they want revenge. ...read more.


Don't forget the uniform has to be worn 5 days a week, so it's not just a case of wash it Saturday, iron it for Monday.........it's more like wash it Tuesday, iron it Tuesday, wash it again Thursday, iron it Thursday and then wash it for Monday again on Saturday. It's a never ending cycle. Not only that, teacher's time is being wasted by having to CHECK that you wearing the goddamn thing. "Why haven't you got your tie on?" - The tie you can't even see "Why have you got your trainers on?" - What difference does it make what shoes you wear? ...read more.


Pressure is already on parents to buy the school uniform so this is a pointless point. We have to ban the school uniform for people's individuality. If we don't people will dress exactly the same all their lives, until we become one world of uniform wearing, identical robots. It's been said that somewhere in the world there is someone who looks EXACTLY like you. Imagine if there were a billion people look exactly like you? So people, join me in saying "Ban the uniform, ban it now before it is too late!" In my speech I used: * Clusters of 3 * Repetition * Use of statistics * Addressing the reader * Repetition of powerful phrases * Point of the disadvantages of not agreeing * Rhetorical questions * Alliteration * Short, sharp sentences * Ending with the main slogan ...read more.

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