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Belonging: Speech

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I want you to do something for me, I want you to think of your parents, now in the same thought put yourself there. Tell me, what have you inherited from your parents, is it just their physical appearance or is it their way of thinking also. What if I were to tell you that it's something much more, that each and every one of us, have inherited our parents sense of belonging or not belonging. This hereditary trait if you will, is revealed in such texts as Bruce Dawes 'Lifecycle', where young children inherit belonging to football. The movie "Ace Ventura 3" as belonging is present in the Ventura family by saving animals. ...read more.


This belonging to their football club is also seen in, "they will not grow as those from the Northern States grow old", this allusion to Ode To The Fallen highlights the fact that Southern states have an inherited belonging to football that cannot be rivaled by the Northern States that just follow a team for the sake of it. "Ace Ventura 3" like "Lifecycle" has an immense connection to belonging being inherited. Directed by David Evans the movie is based around Ace Jr, a 12 year old boy that feels a kinship to saving animals, having never meet or told about his father, who was once a great Pet Detective, it can be seen that his belonging to saving animals has been inherited. ...read more.


The father of course knows what the son is going through, with his doubts of not belonging, due to the fact that is was passed down and inherited. The line "I was once like you are now" is a simile that alludes to this. Also repetition is used with the word "stay" describing the thoughts of the father about the son's plight. The last line of the song "Look at me I am old but I'm happy" juxtaposes happiness with age, Cat Stevens does this, to signify that the Sons sense of belonging, develops with age just like his fathers. This sense of belonging is therefore hereditary, both in this song, Ace Ventura 3 and Lifecycle, as well as all of us in this room now. We have inherited our sense of belonging. ...read more.

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