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Citizenship Coursework

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Planning The activity that I have chosen for my citizenship coursework is my work experience for two weeks in my local Sainsbury's. The aim of my project is: to see how equal opportunities is dealt with in the workplace. I will also look at the different jobs and responsibilities of people I met during my workplace. I will also hope to learn about the different perspectives of Sainsbury's advertising department in terms of equal opportunities. I chose to do my investigation into equal opportunities at my work experience because I thought it was the most important and critical situation as I wanted to see if there is segregation between different groups. Before I could undertake this research I had to find a placement where I could easily research this problem. Therefore I decided I should work in my local supermarket Sainsbury's where I could easily undertake my research. I found this placement by looking in yellow pages and internet for any work experience placement and I was fortunate to find this. My work experience will not only be an opportunity for me to see what this area of work is like, it will also be an opportunity for me to see as an Asian male, the types of job roles available to me. ...read more.


We started by first her introducing the place and who the owner of Sainsbury's. She talked about the security of the place and about how the staffs are meant to treat customers with respect. She then put on a video about equal opportunity which was perfect for my investigation. Inside the video the owner of Sainsbury's was talking about how everyone should be treated the same, no matter their age, gender, culture or religion. I was very interested and looking forward to see if this has been put into action, and that it is not just talks. After the video, she gave me a Staff uniform, which I was meant to wear while I was working. She then took me around and showed me where the changing room, kitchen etc... After Lunch, she took me to the warehouse and she showed me where food is transported from. Tuesday: Today was my first official working day. Elena introduced me to the bread department manger, Eric. He told me how he has a responsibility of making sure everyone in his department are working hard and reaching the time limit. He told me if they don't reach the time to finish their job for the day. ...read more.


Evaluation Overall, I think my work experience went very well, however, I feel like if I had more time working with the company I could have found more details into equal opportunity and have a chance to work with other employees and find their experience of life and if they have been discriminated. There was some limitations such as, I wanted to have an interview with the company's owner to see his insight of equal opportunity and to see what he had to say on this topic, but unfortunately he was too busy and therefore I was unable to interview him. I feel that this work experience has helped me for the future, however even though I don't have an ambition of working in a supermarket it still gave me valuable experience on how to tackle problems and how to work in a group which will be vital and useful for any jobs in the future. Working in Sainsbury's was particularly good because I had the chance to be around with customers and help them with their needs, which will be of valuable experience to me in the future. Also the topic on equal opportunities especially helped me with being able to find out how far companies tried to tackle equal rights to everyone in UK, no matter their gender, race etc... ...read more.

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