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Decision Making Technique with Internet Reference

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Decision Making Technique with Internet Reference Management 350 July 31, 2002 Decision Making Technique with Internet Reference The Decision Technique I chose to write about is the "Six Thinking Hats - Looking at a Decision from all Points of View." This technique was created by Dr. Edward de Bono. Dr. Bono is regarded as the leading international authority in conceptual and creative thinking and in the teaching of thinking as a skill. Of all the decision making technique I researched, this is the one that I agreed with the most in regards to the situation that I had in mind when researching decision making skills. This technique was very interesting to me because it made you look at a problem from all points of view. You could not be biased on one opinion or force of influence. It forced you to think outside the box. When making a decision, I feel that you must look at the issue from all points of view and not just your own biases or emotions. ...read more.


The next hat that will be worn will be the "Black Hat." Just as the color is stereo typed as "bad" this is where you think of all the negative reactions and how your decision will not work. This is where you analyze the issue and your decision and see where the mistakes are in your decision. This is also an important step as you consider the impact of your decision and the "what ifs." The next hat is the "Yellow Hat." Like a beautiful day when the sun is out and the weather is great to be outdoors and it is your day off. This is where you think optimistically and you see the good in your decision, which is a great step from coming out of the "Black Hat." The next hat is the "Green Hat." This is the step that you take off on. Your have already looked at the bad side and good side of your decision. This is where you get to be creative and brainstorm your decision and/or ideas. ...read more.


It would of allowed them to think the process more thoroughly as it is very hard to have a dress code with a diverse culture in our organization. To speak on behalf of the Dress Code Committee, it is very hard to try to please everyone. I feel that neither this decision making technique or any other technique used would of produced the perfect Dress Code List that would please everyone. This is one of those situations that you acknowledge you will be open to a lot of criticism. Because there is such diversity in culture, age, religious backgrounds etc., the perfect Dress Code List does not exist. Whatever technique was used in this decision making issue I feel was the best that they could do. Perhaps they should sign up for this course and learn how to frame the problem and learn to use better decision making techniques when making such an important decision that affects so many employees. ...read more.

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