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Education Philosophy

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Education Philosophy and Rationale Sandra Fox Grand Canyon University Education Foundations and Framework EDU 215 Dr. Tony Elmer August 31, 2010 Education Philosophy and Rationale A person's philosophy is how they explain, experience and articulate about a precise subject. A philosophy can not be incorrect nor can it be correct as it is just mainly an opinion of a person. Personal point of views can be seen in many different ways. Philosophy is a concept of how one feels about a particular something. Philosophies are intertwined with the educational system. There have been many well-known teachers and well-informed men and women all through time have included their personal teaching and learning using philosophy. These philosophies are the basics of today's learning and since there are various philosophies in education; educators are able to produce innovative and enhanced approaches every year to guarantee efficient learning in the United States. My philosophy in education is established by my personal meaning. I base it on what the need of an educator is and how education is an essential division of each life. ...read more.


As a teacher, the philosophies or the numerous abilities must be initiated so that the individual can become interested and that their interest is on the teacher and ready for learning to begin when something is being shown for the first time. Metaphysics is the part of philosophy that I do not agree with in the classroom. It is the part of philosophy that doubts the reality of life. In many classrooms, I see that teachers do raise metaphysical matters frequently as they make choices about the things that they are teaching on a particular day and how the classroom should be situated to accommodate the maximum learning potential of each individual student. In this case, the curriculum is always being question about how the teaching is to be either structured or if the students should be able to help along the way when teaching is being done. As an educator, I want to feel as though I do not have to questions the things I do inside the classroom to fulfill the needs of my students. Confidence goes a long way inside of the classroom; therefore, knowledge is the power to having a successful learning environment. ...read more.


I will encourage the students to become self-sufficient in order to develop into successful adults in a community the live and work in. A person's beliefs and inclinations about education and teaching have a deep influence on the way something is taught and how it is taught. This is true for a person's life as well. People hold their viewpoints from their customs, skills, teaching, faith and socialization and then modify and purify them through knowledge. Over the course of time, these customs become resilient as we become comfortable with them since they provided us with comfort along the way. These customs become the philosophy of our lives. The same statement is true when it comes to teaching. Educators have current customs that we begin to think about and in which we modify to the way we teach. As an educator become more experienced, our customs will be modified and polished to meet our needs and the needs of the students. These ideas will shape the foundation of my eternal philosophies of the educational system that I will continue to teach in. Reference Zunjich, B. (n.d.). Metaphysics. Retrieved August 26, 2010, from http://www.uri.edu/personal/szunjic/philos/metaph.htm ?? ?? ?? ?? EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY AND RATIONALE 3 Running head: EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY AND RATIONALE 1 EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY AND RATIONALE 2 ...read more.

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