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English as a global language - good or bad?

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English as a Global Language - Good or Bad? English, which is spoken by 1.9 billon of the world's population as their first language, has been spreading rapidly in the world since the British Industrial Revolution and colonialism in many continents such as Asia, Africa and North America during the 18th century. As the influence of English is increasing, some linguists think that it is a natural process of successful international communication. However, many other languages are also dying out at an accelerating rate because of the expansion of the English language. In discussing the issue of the growing influence of English; arguments, both for and against, should be considered, particularly, in the economic, the information exchange, the linguistic aspects and the aspect of alteration, unity and differentiation. In this context the English language is accused of being a killer language that wipes out smaller languages as well as the cultures they represent. ...read more.


In fact, there are English language schools all over the world which could teach you all manner of English accents (source C). Another feature of the English language that has made is so popular globally, is the language's adaptability. The English language has taken on words from many other languages and cultures, giving it its great diversity. There are many German, Greek, Latin and French words that have been assimilated by the English language - from avatar, bazaar, bungalow to bandanna and cummerbund, (source C). The immense progress in fields of science and technology has created the need to facilitate the world wide exchange of knowledge. English is the most widely studied language in the world. It is the language of media, medicine and business. Computing uses English as does the international air traffic control. Thus the latest industrial development demands an international language which everyone is able to understand. ...read more.


No matter how we evaluate the consequences, we can be sure that English as a global language will definitely come. A global tongue will always function as a killer language, so we will not be able to preserve all languages and their cultures. To say it frankly, the loss of individual culture is one of the prices for progress in our modern world. If we put the argumentation upside down we would have to propose: "Let us stop progress, stop scientific research and technological inventions. Let us stick to the status quo so we will save some languages!" Who would agree? So we will have to pay the price for a global language. In my opinion the obvious thing to do is to teach people a skilful use of the English language now to let them participate in international communication so they as well will benefit from the advantages of a global tongue. (1100 words) Sources Used Source A : http://www.articlesbase.com/languages-articles/dangers-of-a-global-language-470245.html Source B: http://www.cepr.org/press/DP2055PR.htm Source C : http://www.chillibreeze.com/articles/Chinese-versus-English.asp Source D : http://www.krysstal.com/spoken.html Source E : http://www.ourfutureplanet.org/news/327-language-diversity-is-representative-of-humanitys-wellbeing-and-it-looks-as-though-it-may-be-in-ill-health ?? ?? ?? ?? Nova Khan ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

Many good points are made but the essay lacks a clear structure which should be introduction, arguments for good, arguments for bad and conclusion.

Marked by teacher Dennis Salter 13/02/2013

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