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Essay on technological, environmental and social change

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Essay on technological, environmental and social change The following essay is based upon the strong link between changes which occur in the field of technology, environment and social changes an will show the strong link between these fields, many people can think of changes which have occurred socially which has had a direct effect on others, for example the increased use of cars is a social change but the environment suffers because more carbon emissions and other harmful emissions take place but the new technological changes which take place are that the law requires a catalytic converter to be fitted to all new vehicles. ...read more.


which has a direct effect on the environment by reducing harmful emissions, so even though there is a increased number of vehicles on the road steps have been taken to reduce the damage being done to the environment, whether these steps taken are beneficial or not shall be proven in the near future. A second point which can be made is the new flat screen televisions claim to use less energy by reducing heat loss and this has a positive effect on the environment by reducing amount of electricity used which reduces the carbon foot print and socially more people are ...read more.


a positive effect on the environment which shows the relationship between both, this is a change which has a positive effect on eth environment Concluding I think it is obvious that as soon as one change takes place it has a direct effect on the other sometimes this affect maybe positive or negative depending upon the prior change which has taken place, but it is obvious that all the current change I is taking place seem to be beneficial to the environment as this is were the most concern is at the moment. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aqib Ramzan General Studies ...read more.

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