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Evil Surrounds Us

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Kayla Gilbert Mr. Bain EAE 3U 22 December 2009 Evil Surrounds Us Evil causes harm to everyone surrounding us, including ourselves. Jealousy lies and crimes are all led by evil domination of the human spirit. In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the plot consists of young boys stranded on an island. The boys deal with temptations, such as; hunger, thirst, hunting and killing. The group is quickly split in two when Jack decides he wants his own tribe (the Savages). The boys loose all their civilized knowledge. They follow only their personal needs and their common sense. This novel resembles the classical play by Shakespeare, Macbeth. Macbeth visits three witches who tell him his future; becoming king of Scotland. He puts his faith in the words and the prophecies of the witches, after their first prophecy comes true. With the help of his wife, Lady Macbeth, he plots many murders to assure that the prophecies will come true and to keep everything secret. Both stories deal with the progression of evil. Both children and adults are drawn to the evil side. ...read more.


Banquo agrees to serve him only if: ''So I lose none/ In seeking to augment it, but still keep/ My bosom franchised and allegiance clear/ I shall be counseled.'' Pursuing this further, both children and adults have differences and similarities. Children are young and they have not been alive long enough to clearly know the difference between good and evil. Adults, on the other hand, can relate their judgment to their past experiences. They are still drawn to the evil side this can progress to forgetting what is their true identity, in result to achieve their goal. Humans with evil ambitions can forget their own common sense. Murdering is a sin, as written in the Bible. The evil amongst us causes humans to do heinous acts. For example, Jack is a hunter and he believes the boys needs meat to survive. His hunts quickly involve into murders. The pigs they hunt are killed more gruesomely. Consequently, they end up killing some of the boys on the island, not realizing their own evil ambitions. In one incident, Jack is proven to have lost all his common sense. ...read more.


He loses all his common sense, only reacting to his animal side. With a familiar rhythm; ''Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!'' (205), this song was sung as a hymn to their tribe. Contrary to Jack, Macbeth's murders were done more humanly, than savagely. Furthermore, Macbeth feels the need to hide his heinous crimes, he states: ''Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under't.'' (Macbeth, 1. 5.) By murdering, Macbeth and Jack proved their capability to act as animals. Depending on a person's personality, many humans have the need to set his animal side free. The progression of evil can impact a human being's life in many ways. Both children and adults are attracted to the evil side. Humans feel the need to continue evil deeds to achieve their goals. This can cause an uncontrollable savageness in a person's mind and behavior. The mind has been studied throughout history. It is an extremely complex organ and it is impossible to explain it completely. Most of the existing explanations are based on theories. One theory heard of is a human's ''criminal mind'', or an expression also used an ''evil mind''. ...read more.

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