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Genetically Modified Food Report

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GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD Prepared by Phearak Choun Table of Contents 1. Title Page pg.1 2. Table of Contents pg.2 3. Summary pg.3 4. Introduction pg.4 4.1. Objective pg.4 4.2. Background pg.4 4.3. Methods of Inquiry pg.4 4.4. Definitions of Terms pg.5 5. Reasons Against the use of Genetically Modified Food 5.1. Playing God pg.6 5.2. Mixing Genes pg.6 5.3. Health risks pg.6 6. Reasons for the use of Genetically Modified Food 6.1. Healthier Crops pg.7 6.2. Weather Tolerance pg.7 6.3. Nutritional pg.7 6.4. Pharmaceutical pg.7 7. Conclusion pg.8 8 Recommendations 8.1. Healthier eating pg.9 8.2. Home grown pg.9 9. List of References pg.10 10. Appendices pg.11 10.1 Definitions of terms pg.11 3. Summary The information in this report shows that the use of Genetically Modified Foods can be a useful thing in this day and age of a technology driven society. GM Foods or GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods or Genetically Modified Organisms) can be healthier with resistance to weeds, pests, and diseases and use fewer chemicals. ...read more.


Herbicide - herbicide is used to get rid of unwanted plant life. Unwanted plants that takes nutrients away from crops and other useful plants (Foster 2010, para 1). Allergies - An allergy is a reaction of your immune system to something that does not bother most other people. (MedlinePlus Trusted Health Information for You n.d., para 1). Malnutrition - Is when a person's body is not getting enough nutrients. It can result in complications of the body (Healthdirect n.d., para 1). 5. Reasons against the use of Genetically Modified Foods There are a number of negative reasons from the usage of Genetically Modified Foods. 5.1 Playing God By genetically modifying foods, we are "playing God" and therefore human beings seem to be eating from a modern version of the tree of knowledge of good and bad, or even the tree of life. By applying these new found techniques it raises new questions on whether or not it is ethical enough to genetically modify foods and do something that is forbidden by God. ...read more.


(Whitman D.B 2000 para 10) 7. Conclusions In this report, it has been investigated that the uses of Genetically Modified Foods can act as a saviour to many poor countries, there seems to be more positive effects in using Genetically Modified Foods than negative ones, However these findings are still quite new and must proceed with caution so that consuming Genetically Modified Foods cannot be harmful. 8. Recommendations 8.1 Healthier Eating GMOs are like "Super Foods" they are healthier for you with added Nutritional value, protein contents could be increased so there would be reduced intake of the food. GMOs are modified to be Pest resistant, Herbicide tolerant, Disease resistant, Weather tolerant, and can act as Pharmaceuticals. 8.2 Home grown Home grown or Organic foods can be more beneficial due to close monitoring of the food while growing in around the home. Organic food is better for us because of reducing the intake of harmful herbicide and pesticides that we ingest. They also tend to have higher levels of anti-oxidants, which are beneficial to human beings. 9. ...read more.

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