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Global warning!

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Global Warning! It has been estimated that the whole world could be under water within a century if nothing is done to combat the phenomenon, which is Global Warming The once natural paradise, the Antarctic, is now associated with destruction. For the wildlife itself, the melting glaciers and the breakdown of the ecosystem must seem like a hell on earth. One of these creatures is the awesome polar bear. It make be the top carnivore within its food chain and is able to swim a hundred miles at a time however we have caused the dramatically decreasing numbers of this animal, so much so that it has been place on the endangered species list. Polar bears generally breed twins at a time and provide an ice den for their offspring so that they can adapt to the surroundings, learning to eventually fend for themselves. ...read more.


Do not underestimate this eventuality and it will cause the peril of the human race too. Melting ice caps removes habitats, however it also causes rising levels. This rise could result in freakish weather; evidence of this is the recent increase in the number of hurricanes, yet it will also bring about the flooding of low-lying areas. Millions of people will be killed and these places will become uninhabitable. The fumes that are released from the ghastly factories viscously attack the ozone layer of the world. The amplification in the utilisation of fossil fuels creates the intensification of these gases. Consequently 'our ozone layer has depleted leading to an upsurge in the amount of skin cancer cases,' as stated by Mr John Donne, an Environmentalist at Cambridge University. ...read more.


Global Warming is beginning to take its toll and will probably reach its peak within your lifetime. I urge you to join a group and campaign to protect the environment otherwise; you may not be able to fulfil your dreams. However this does not just apply to us but the possible generations after us. How selfish would it be to just sit and do nothing? By joining a group you could make a significant difference in raising awareness for the issue, saving our world from annihilation! The human race is at its most vulnerable stage now, we are all literally 'living on thin ice.' But with help and dedication, this situation can be altered. As recently stated by the newly appointed first black president of the USA, 'Can we do it? Yes we can!' ...read more.

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