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How Australian society responded to vietnam war

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Explain how Australian society responded to the Vietnam War By the 1960s and early 1970s, the Australian society's response to the Vietnam War led to division in the Australian society. The Australian society and various groups had many different views and opinions towards the Vietnam war. Many people supported the government's decision to become involved in Vietnam as being the right thing to do in the war against communism. Supporters included the RSL, Liberal Party, Country Party, Democratic Labor Party, media and polls. While, others were opposed to the war since it was seen as none of Australia's business and it was just causing suffering not helping. Opposers included the Labor Party, Save our Sons, Youth Against Conscription, conscientious objectors, religious groups and university students. In the early years, the majority of Australians supported the country's involvement in the Vietnam war because of many reasons such as being against communism. ...read more.


The media were mostly in favour of the war. Many of the papers simply said Australia had no alternative, given its geographical position and its treaty commitments. In a Morgan Gallup poll held in May 1965, 52 percent said they supported government policy in Vietnam, 37 percent opposed it and 11 percent were undecided. The poll proved that there was widespread belief in the domino effect theory and that it was a popular reason for sending troops into Vietnam. On the other hand, there was also opposition to the war. Since 1962, anti-war protests had been taking place in Australia due to the belief that the Vietnam war was just causing suffering not helping. The media had a great impact on the opinions and views of the Australian society towards the war. As Vietnam had been called the first televised war, each night people were able to watch the horrors of the war in their lounge rooms. ...read more.


In summary, Australia had many different views and response to the Vietnam war. The Australian society supported the Vietnam war because they saw communism as a threat, they were requested for help by the South Vietnamese government, older australians believed in the Anzac spirit, people supported the conservative political parties, media believed Australia had no alternative and polls showed the majority of Australians supported war. On the other hand the Australian society opposed the Vietnam war as it was just causing suffering not helping, it was becoming immoral, it was believed it was none of Australia's business, it was useless to carry on the war when they were losing and most of the Australian society hated the concept of conscription. The weight of evidence would suggest that the Australian society's opposition to the war was so powerful,yet if Australia did not become involved in the war, Australia would have not become an equal, fair and diverse country which exists today. Patricia Roxas Patricia Roxas ...read more.

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