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Is war ever be justified

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Is war ever be justified: Essay 1 For centuries, war was a way to end all the conflicts in the world based on economy, politics, demography, geography, ethnic differences,... But why do people fight, why war is so necessary for certain people? Is it the only solution? What is the real intention of war apart for killing and hurting people?! Furthermore, life has many amazing things to offer. Life gave us things such as feelings, people, events,... Being alive means having the opportunity to learn, to love,... Life teaches us many good things throughout the years, however as great as life can be, it can also be very painful, destroying and even unfair. So we don't need war to affect ourselves more. To begin with, war is not justified for me and I'm totally against it. Violence is not the right way to stop conflicts between different countries. ...read more.


Where is liberty, equality and fraternity? The authorities are so coward. They send people on the battlefield where misery and hope are the only things which exist. Governments want power but they are unable to wet their boots. Every word they said is based on lies. They promise happiness and a better life for everyone but the only thing we receive is sadness and the loss of the people we love.... Thirdly, I think that war is not justified, because there is too many innocent who are killed during it. For example, in the Second World War, millions of Jews were killed, executed, and tortured. Imagine how many orphans and widows that made... How can men have ideas so monstrous and devastating? Why is there hate between people who are different? Why all these racial problems? We have to accept everybody, because we are all the same in a certain way. ...read more.


But they're wrong because rather than war being the only solution I think that war is the easy way out. War is a frightening event that occurs through out life. I agree, that sometimes you are forced to do things you might not want to do, however, I don't think that it makes war acceptable. They start hating for not much reason and sooner or later they try starting a war. I don't think that killing millions of innocent children, and people is necessary. War is a horrible fight between countries; it kills thousands, even millions of people. Whatever the reason might be, I think war is something we should try to avoid if possible. Killing and destroying other people's life is unacceptable. People go into war for countless reasons; but power is a main factor of war. We have to forget the need of power and be bond together to have a better world. Because killing everybody is not the solution. So I think that war is not justified. Jessica Notermans 6B ...read more.

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