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Nothing Gold Can Stay

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Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost Nothing Gold Can Stay is an intelligent poem written by American poet Robert Frost. This poem, full of metaphors, teaches us about both life and nature. It relays truths about how they both parallel each other in their ability to be tainted by grief. In the first line, using metonymy, Frost makes reference to birth in nature, 'Nature's first green is gold' (Line 1). Birth in nature is most evident in the spring with the colour green, which represents fertility and youth, appearing. This green that is, in fact, gold means that birth in nature is rich, abundant, and beautiful, just like the actual metal. ...read more.


However, Frost states that dawn, where we are actually at our zenith and at our 'golden age' goes down and sinks to day. I feel like the concept of 'day' here represents the reality within which we live in. The concept of 'dawn' can represent either the dawn we experience daily or the dawn of humanity and the world. I feel like we all look at the idea of 'day' as representing enlightenment and beauty however, Frost teaches us that it is at dawn that both humans, and nature are at their most enlightened. This poem is special because it reminds me of my childhood and growing up with my family. ...read more.


Frost's line 'So dawn goes down to day' reminded me of this story. It is when I witnessed daylight, which my mother innocently thought would delight me, that I became so upset. I preferred to stay inside, in the dark, away from the rest of the world. Just like the legendary Kadupul flower which dies at the first signs of daylight, I was happy to spend time inside, away from the realities of life. In conclusion, Frost writes with a sense of dark inevitability and uplifting genius. This poem brilliantly encompasses the characteristics of the cycles of nature and life and shows us that though humanity subsides to grief, there is always a new dawn and a 'golden age' in sight. ...read more.

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