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Place Value Lesson Plan

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Place Value Lesson Plan Sandra Fox Grand Canyon University Curriculum and Methods: Mathematics EED 403 Rebecca Teeples May 21, 2010 Place Value Lesson Plan Lesson time: 5 days @ 45 minute class periods Number of students: 25 Grade: 3 - 7 Miscellaneous Information: Regular education/Special education will have modifications with the educator's judgment. The included content area provided in this lesson is social studies and language arts. Objective: Students will: 1). Associate the distinction connecting the number and the written statement. 2). Recognize facts through expanded form and written form. 3). Recognize the concept of place values using decimals. Standards addressed: M2N1 M2D1 M2P1 NCTM Standards: Problem solving, Communication, Analysis, Associations, Number Sense and Numeration Day 1 - Anticipatory Set: As the students are seated, the teacher will begin to show the students the items in the classroom that have meaning with numbers The teacher will then question the students on the different examples that can be provided outside of the classroom that deal with numbers and the associations that are engaged with the numbers. Teaching/Instructional Process: Vocabulary words will be presented by the teacher for the lesson. The words will be presented on the active board and reinforcement will be provided daily on the following words: * Ones place * Tens place * Hundreds place * Thousands place * Decimal * Tenths place * Hundredths place * Thousandths place * Ten thousandths place * Place value * Digit * Expanded form * Standard form * Written form As the vocabulary is being presented, explanation of every number and its place value will depend on the amount of the digit. The beginning objective of comparing a number will be informed to the students as the written word is shown as well. Implementation of the overhead projector will be used as the teacher writes the numbers one through 10 on it and the students will read the words aloud. ...read more.


The vocabulary words will be reviewed as the teacher write the numbers in the correct order on the place value chart. The five will be placed in the ones place, the three in the tens place, the 3 in the hundreds place and the four in the thousands place. As the students watch the numbers being placed on the place value chart, the number will be written on the side of the chart and on the active board in expanded form. This will ensure that the students are able to observe the numerous formats and decide which format is the easiest and how each format remains the same number. As all of the examples are viewed by the students, the students will make a determination of which format they enjoy working with. Guided Practice and Monitoring: A hands-on approach will be given to the students in the computer lab on the material that has been presented in the classroom. Three websites will be given to the students to provide them with better comprehension of the lesson. The websites will help ensure the students gain the comprehension that is needed by way of examples inside of the lecture that was presented in the classroom. The following websites will be provided to the students: http://www.gamequarium.com/placevalue.html http://www.aaamath.com/plc.htm http://www.free-training-tutorial.com/place-value-games.html As the students are choosing the website of their choice, observations will be made by the teacher as he/she walks around and helping the student who need help. Closure: After leaving the computer lab, each student will use their math journal to document a piece of the lesson that they felt as if they learned. Questions will be documented in the journals if s piece of the lesson was unclear to them and answers will be provided by the teacher. The teacher will begin to explain that the next lesson that will be introduced will be decimals in relation to the past lessons. ...read more.


Upon this part, the students will write the written word. 3). Decimals will be another twelve of the problems on the test. Upon this part, the students will document the value of each highlighted digit. 4). Standard form will be twelve of the problems on the test. Miscellaneous information for the students: There will be different resources available for the students to use for assistance in the addition. Glossaries will be provided for the students are use of the following websites: http://www.amathsdictionaryforkids.com/ http://math-and-reading-help-for-kids.org/children's_math_dictionary.html Substitute assessment for elevated level students: The assessment will contain the regular test with ten added problems. The added problems will consist of: Five classifications of digits printed in standard form that is greater than the lessons that were in the prior lessons. The numbers can go as high as one million. The students are to write the number in expanded form as they use the base ten blocks. Five problems will be used with the base ten blocks. The students will classify the digits that are being shown by use of any techniques they prefer. The students are required to document the number in a unique format from the one that is originally selected. Lesson modifications: Modifications can be made upon the teacher's discretion. Upon reviewing the student's ability, the lesson above can be presented with the use of notes that are modified, resources and manipulatives. Hands-on modifications can be used with visual aids provided by the teacher. Shorter assignments can be used for modification upon the teacher's discretion. The most important principle is for the students to accomplish the main foundation of the lessons. The mathematical processes can be obtained if the students can understand the basis of decimals and how they are read by using the word "and" and writing the numbers in standard form. When presenting the material, it can be read orally depending on the student's ability in order to guarantee that the students are able to comprehend the material of the lesson. ?? ?? ?? ?? PLACE VALUE LESSON PLAN 13 Running head: PLACE VALUE LESSON PLAN 1 PLACE VALUE LESSON PLAN 2 ...read more.

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