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write an imaginary dialogue between Santha's mother and the headmistress at the Anglo-Indian school. Your dialogue should focus upon British attitudes toward Indians and Indian attitudes toward the British Santha's mother "i think it is very rude of you to tell the indian kids to sit at the back of the classroom" Headmistress: " sorry but indians cheat" Santha's mother "you can't just assume that becauase you're white" Headmistress: "excuse me, are you saying that i'm racist?" ...read more.


Santha's mother "let me tell you this, your definition of the best is only for the white kids. Have you ever thought about how our children feel?" Haedmistress "of course i care about how they feel" Santha's mother "do you even respect our culture?" Headmistress " of course i care about your culture. you're just making non sense" Dantha's mother "o reallly? then why do you change their Indian names into English names. ...read more.


" you guys don't give respect in our culture . Why do you even live here?" Headmistres: "I'm sorry but this is the way i do it, and if you don't like it, just tell your children to quit the school." Santha's mother "I'm right, you can bury a dog's tail for sevn years and it still comes out curly, and you can take a Britisher away from his home for a lifetime and he still remains insular." ...read more.

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