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Report: Charity Event for Cancer Research UK

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Personal and Professional Development for Managers TH400124 Report: Charity Event for Cancer Research UK Tutor: Suzanne Weekes Semester 1 October 2007 - January 2008 Student Names: Student Numbers: Dorcas Tukubama 20265117 Iptisam Ahmed 20262313 Kelly Muscat 20223020 Martyna Stackiewicz 20265049 Toryalai Khogyanai 20262077 CONTENTS PAGE: Introduction: 4 Main Report: 5-7 Conclusion: 8 Bibliography: 9 Appendices: 10 SUMMARY This group report was written to give other people information about the project we organised to rise awareness and collect money for the Cancer Research UK among the students and teachers at Thames Valley University. We chosen Cancer Research UK for our charity because some of our members were aware off cancer affect on peoples life. To make the event successful we have given a presentation to students at university to raise awareness, so they could support our event. We used different methods including fliers and posters to promote our event and insuring our event is successful. We also looked at the belbin's task. This has helped us to organise our event effectively because each student has contributed well as the group came up with different belbin role. Presentation was also included as part of our project and our time management ha s helped up to INTRODUCTION: This report will look at the way a group of first year students studying level 1 of BA Hons Airline and Airport Management, organised and conducted a charity event. ...read more.


We selected Thames Valley University (TVU) for our venue with the location being on the ground floor between the Teaching Centre Block and the Hospitality block in the lobby. We contacted the correct people who were responsible for this location, to check and get permission for holding our event at this venue. A private sponsor had donated �30 to us in order for us to have a budget for the purchases of our food and drink. We came to agreement of selling water, coca cola, orange juice, crisps, pre-packed biscuits and a range of muffins. We designed flyers showing the date, time, location, what our event was and the charity we were supporting. These were given to students around the university campus, in addition to being posted around the university and using word-of-mouth to promote our event to friends and others we knew. Our event was held on Tuesday 4th December 2007 and we had planned to start the event at 10am, we set up the table, displaying the food and drinks. Martyna volunteered to go down one of their local charity shops in Ealing and brought back a fundraising pack, which included; balloons, money boxes, charity's pins, bracelets, rings, fliers and posters. The event proved a great success and many students and teachers were happy to support our fundraising. ...read more.


We did originally chose to raise money for Oxfam, however, there were problems with gaining information as we contacted the charity many a times, but never got back to us. Therefore, we chose to help Cancer Research, as there was ample information we could use from the internet and charity pack they would provide for us after registration of our event. However, where there are positives there are negatives. Between us there were some communication problems, such as arranging when to meet to discuss and organise the event; nevertheless, we tried to overcome this by having weekly meetings. Furthermore, if we were to do this assignment again, there are things the group would do differently that would be an improvement. This would include preparing the presentation to a higher standard by rehearsing it more and using more visual aids. Another way we could have made the event more successful was by carry out a questionnaire amount the students and teachers to see what snack food and drinks would have been popular. Moreover, our event was very successful as we sold nearly all of our food and drinks we had purchased, so on this accomplishment the event was a good choice and also the goods for sale were a triumph, especially considering no research was carried out into what was popular and what was not. On the whole, this group work has been a great success and if we were to carry it out again, not much would be changed. ...read more.

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