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secondary reseach

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SECONDARY RESEARCH SOCIAL WORKERS ARE THEY NECESSARY IN TODAY'S COMMUNITY? Social work is a profession for people with a passionate desire to help improve people's lives. Social workers help people function the best way they can in their environment with their relationships, personal and family problems. They also deal with clients that face a life threatening disease, a disability, continuous abuse, and families with serious domestic conflicts, which sometimes involve a child or spouse abuse. Social workers often provide their services within a health related environment. Social workers often work closely with other professionals such as doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, teachers, the police and courts. A social worker should be able to develop trusting relationships with service users and carers without becoming emotionally involved. Excellent communication skills, including listening, speaking and writing are also and important quality in a social worker, they must be able to handle pressure and work well in a team with colleagues and professionals from other agencies. With patient and maturity, social workers are aware of people's different needs and respect diversity. A social worker must be emotionally mature and sensitive to people and their problems. (McCracken, M, Working in social work, 2002) TYPES OF SOCIAL WORKERS Social work is divided into different areas such as: Child, family and school social workers- they provide services and assistance to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and families. ...read more.


new roles, tasks and situations * Strong observation and listening skills * The ability to negotiate and interpret on behalf of clients. Graduates must complete a minimum of 200 days in practise to give evidence of practical skills before starting work. "To practise as a social worker you need to be registered by the general social care council (GSCC), And before registration you must be able to prove that you have completed the required social work training" www.prospects.ac.uk. Another option for further training is to study for a post-qualifying (PQ) award; there are two main types of award within the PQ framework * The post- qualifying award in social work * The advanced award in social work. WORKING CONDITIONS Full time social workers normally work 40 hour a week and some occasionally work evenings and weekends to meet with their clients, attend community meetings and handle emergency cases. Part time and voluntary jobs are also available. Social workers normally spend time in the office or residential facilities, but also travel to meetings and visit clients in their homes or other places. SKILLS AND PERSONAL QUALITIES A social worker should * Be able to develop trusting relationships with clients and carers without getting emotionally involved * Have good and clear communication skills, including listening, speaking and writing * Be able to ...read more.


Advantages of quantitative Advantages of questionnaire which produces quantitative data is * It is cheap to classify results * Fast and efficient * Answers can be easily put on the computer * Questionnaires do not normally need interviewers so you do not have the risk of the interviewer influencing the respondent's answers. Disadvantages of quantitative * the information collected might be limited * not always accurate * the information might not always be reliable Advantages and disadvantages of qualitative Advantages if interviews, internet, and books which produce the qualitative data are more amount of information can be obtained on your subject personally on people's thoughts and experiences. The disadvantages is that researchers might be nervous and not perform as they would like to, it could also be time consuming for both parties. The information collected can be personal so researchers must be well prepared. Various methods were used to carry out the research. The most reliable source was the internet and books which was fast, easy and efficient. With the internet some of the information was false and therefore required you to be careful on the sites to visit. In this methodology, the differences between primary and secondary research was explained and the definition of the qualitative and quantitative was also explained and examples were given. ?? ?? ?? ?? ADWOA OWUSU PRE- ACCESS RESEARCH ...read more.

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