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Should Motorbikes Be Banned In Public Places

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Should Motorbikes Be Banned In Public Places? Last Sunday, I was out on the usual Sunday cycle with friends when 7 monster motorbikes came roaring past and up the steep muddy hill that we was cycling down. It was only when we had to pedal downhill through the churned up tracks of the motorbikes that I realised the problems that motorbikes cause. At that moment I began to ask myself should there be a ban on motorbikes in public places; or is it too late? I have arrived at the conclusion that motorbikes should be banned because they damage the ground on which they ride, if they are ridden irresponsibly. This makes walking, cycling and other activities un-enjoyable. It also causes a big expense for places such as the 'Brecon Beacons' National Park because at present they have to embark on a �90,000 project to repair the damage caused by motorbikes. The 'Pennine Way' in Pen-y-Ghent area has spent six million pounds to helicopter in stone to stop motorbikes from riding in certain areas. Finally the 'Lake District' has spent one million pounds on repairing footpaths that have been ripped up by motorbikes. ...read more.


If riders feel that there aren't enough of these places around then they should do something about it such as approach the local council or something along those lines. People should consider where they are going to ride them before they are purchased. If these motorbike users keep on using the tracks and trails that they are using at the moment, then there will we nothing left for the public to use except muddy, torn up, unusable ground. This is why I think there should be a ban on such vehicles in public places. On the other hand, if motorbikes were ridden sensibly like they are designed for then there probably wouldn't be such a problem. The problem is that there are more irresponsible riders, outweighing the responsible riders, which causes this problem. This means that all motorbike riders have to be treated the same. Most motorbikes are fitted with road legal silencers and are fairly quiet but also noise pollution is very small. These sorts of bikes don't really bother that many people because they are not much noisier than the ordinary car, especially when ridden sensibly. ...read more.


They also make no effort or contribution to repairing existing damage and don't seem that bothered about it either. Why should they continue to damage the ground upon which they ride, and why not accept responsibility for damage to the landscape or even try to do something about it? This irresponsibility showed by riders is why I continue to agree with the ban motorbikes in public places. Overall I have considered both sides to the argument on 'Banning motorbikes in public places' and have finally come up with the side of the argument that I support. I have chose support the 'for' side of the argument to ban motorbikes in public places. The main reason for me supporting the 'for' side of the argument is due to the degree of 'irresponsibility' shown by motorbikes riders. Also the lack of effort and contribution shown to repairing the problems with the ground used influenced me to take the 'for' side of the argument. However, I do have to agree that at present, there are limited places to ride motorbikes but only of irresponsibility in the past. This does not change my decision on motorbikes in public places and I think they should be banned. Do you agree? ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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