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Should the Death penalty be re-introduced?

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´╗┐Should the death penalty be reintroduced? The death penalty or execution is the sentence of death upon a person by the state as a punishment for an offence. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences. Execution of criminals and political opponents has been used by nearly all societies?both to punish crime and to suppress political dissent. In most places that practice capital punishment it is reserved for murder, espionage, treason, or as part of military justice. In some countries sexual crimes, such as rape, adultery, incest and sodomy, carry the death penalty. However in Great Britain the death penalty was abolished in the 1960?s with last executions taking place, by hanging, in 1964. Arguably there are cases which debate that the death penalty should be reintroduced however there?s also a counter argument in which cases argued are equally as rated. The death penalty shouldn?t be used for a variety of reason. Just one of them is the cost. Financial costs to taxpayers of capital punishment are several times that of keeping someone in prison for life. Most people don't realize that carrying out one death sentence costs 2-5 times more than keeping that same criminal in prison for the rest of his life. ...read more.


The state is actually using a murder to punish someone who committed a murder. Does that make sense? Once again a reason to prevail for reintroducing the death penalty is that it wouldn?t take into account mentally ill patients. Many people are simply born with defects to their brain that cause them to act a certain way. No amount of drugs, schooling, rehabilitation, or positive reinforcement will change them. Is it fair that someone should be murdered just because they were unlucky enough to be born with a brain defect? Although it is technically unconstitutional to put a mentally ill patient to death, the rules can be vague, and you still need to be able to convince a judge and jury that the defendant is in fact, mentally ill. Finally perhaps the biggest reason to ban the death penalty is that it doesn't change the fact that the victim is gone and will never come back. Hate, revenge, and anger will never cure the emptiness of a lost loved one. Forgiveness is the only way to start the healing process, and this won't happen in a revenge-focused individual. However contrary to this, it easy to argue that on many levels reintroducing the death penalty would bring a reform to our society. ...read more.


I believe the simple fact remains that no-one has the right to decide who lives and dies. The death penalty doesn?t help anybody; it creates a never ending cycle of violent ways and violent opinions. Even talks of reintroducing in have started hate campaign groups on Facebook: ?BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY PETITION! KILLERS SHOULD BE KILLED!! I personally believe this isn?t the way forward for society; it?s not the way people should be brought up, having a one track view on serious issues. The death penalty doesn?t offer closure. There?s no way telling how a family will react to the killer been killed. I do truly believe that a family would find a ?life imprisonment sentence? (that actually meant life) just as consoling. As for money- I don?t believe they deserved to be killed but I also highly disagree with prison having any sort of luxurious. 3 meals a day? Let?s be realistic, we all heard the recent story in the news of the child molester who was given a private games console in his cells. An Xbox of which he was further given ?Xbox live? on. Any luxuries should be removed henceforth removing excess costs. Prisoners should also have to work for their keep. The death penalty isn?t the way forward but tougher sentencing and tougher prison conditions ? harder work, less luxurious- I believe would lead to a more effective criminal justice system. ...read more.

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