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Stem cells

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Jasmin Van Malderen Mr. Cost English 2 Honors 3/6/09 Stem Cell Research After the car accident, Laura thought all hope was lost. She was paralyzed from the neck down because of her fractured vertebrae. Unable to accept the fact of never walking again she went down the road of stem cell research, her only hope. With stem cells, the majority of her fracture was repaired and with dedication and time she slowly started walking again. Stories like Laura's bring hope to others in the future. She has proven that there is such thing as a brighter future for people to look forward to. They bring promise to the researchers of stem cells and hope for other people like her that there actually is a cure to those kinds of misfortunes. Stem cell research is a great medical breakthrough and has been researched for many years now. There are three main types of stem cells; embryonic, cord, and adult. Embryonic stem cell research is said to be the most beneficial out of all three. However, because of the controversial issue on whether or not embryonic stem cells research is immoral, adult and cord stem cells have been more widely researched. The benefits that are seen so far are possible cures for various cancers, such as heart, brain, liver, and lungs, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, stroke, and spinal cord injuries. Now with stem cells, we have the gift of being able to give someone's life back to them. A chance for them to start a new life and live free once again. ...read more.


And in order to do that, they must take this chance opened up to them by stem cell research and find as many cures to as many illnesses as they can. Lastly, an embryo cannot just sit there and stay frozen forever. If embryos are going to be preserved for research in the hospitals why not just use them for good? Otherwise what good are they going to do? "The potential cures are simply too compelling to avoid experimenting with embryos." (Marzilli 70) Just thinking about the possibility of a cure to diseases that have been around for a really long time is so breath taking. Embryonic stem cell research is very ethical so therefore there is no question of why we should not research and put it to good use. With some more time and money to find their research, scientists will be able to come up with cures for diseases and illnesses of all sort. With the ability of stem cells to differentiate into specific cell types scientists are on their way to finding the cures to various illnesses. So far they say they have a possible cure for diabetes, stroke, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, heart disease, spinal cord injuries, and bone diseases. Firstly, with tests on mostly rats scientists have conducted experiments that have tested positive for cures. For example, they conducted an experiment on paralyzed rats then noticed that with stem cells injected in their spinal cord, they were able to move once again when they regained their motor function. ...read more.


Stem cell research is an opportunity we cannot afford to lose. Even for embryonic stem cell research, as immoral as people may believe it to be, has more potential to do good than bad. Scientists should get more funding on this branch of research and embryonic stem cell research should be allowed everywhere, for it will be able to take us to such great heights along with the other types of stem cell research in the medical field. So with stem cell research being moral, beneficial, and safe, researchers should not hold back any further and should take this wonderful life saving chance to change history. Researching embryos is ethical because at such an early stage they cannot even be considered human; therefore extracting stem cells from it cannot be equivalent to murder. Secondly, stem cells have such great potential to do good than bad so researchers should not even think about the possibility of not researching it, knowing the cures it can bring. Lastly, stem cell research is very safe for the patient undergoing the procedure, so they have nothing to worry about. Let doctors, researchers, and scientists explore this amazing breakthrough. What is the point of discovering this and then throwing it away? Why find little problems to just postpone research to a later date? No matter what, those dedicated enough will not stop anyways. People will notice that scientists will be able to see and do things one may have never thought possible before. With funding and support, they'll give the world answers and cures. Just give them a chance to make a difference and touch the hearts of those reaching out to them to help them. ...read more.

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