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The Influence of Leaders

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The Influence of Leaders A leader is a person whose example is followed, or the inspiration or head of a movement, such as a political party. Whether it be through an implicit message or simply telling us to do something, leaders affect us in our day-to-day lives. There are leaders with good intentions and other leaders that may not direct us in a good direction, however may still have the same positive objectives. It is our choice to decide if we want to follow the examples of leaders in our past, our present or even a friend that may be a very powerful leader in the future. In school, students learn about past leaders and how they have changed our world for better or for worse as well as their inspiration, motivation, and responsibilities to accomplish the goals they set. Present leaders are the same, however different in some ways. They have the knowledge of the positive and negative outcomes of past figures and they also have different ways of expanding their beliefs to more and more people each day. ...read more.


When a leader decides to take on a role, he or she must have different qualities and characteristics, including confidence, public speaking skills and organization skills. Being a leader does not mean simply bossing people around, but assisting those who need help and taking time to appreciate and acknowledge those who deserve it. A true leader does not think of himself as the person in charge, but as the person who influences others to make decisions that will benefit their lives as well as others around them. There are many ways of communication from a public leader to an average person. One of the most common ways is through different forms of technology, such as television, internet, through other well-known and respected celebrites, even through song lyrics. In the past, influences would reach the public via radio or newspapers, however today technology has expanded to an extent that it is almost unfeasible to escape the influences that we are surrounded with. As technology increases, influence on the public also increaces, and this may be a good or bad matter. ...read more.


When trying to achieve any purpose, one must first gain the inspiration to come up with the topic and the motivation to carry it out. One also must have the responsibility to continue to work until the goal is completely finished. A good leader does not leave a task unfinished and completes the task as soon as possible. A good leader is also oraganized and caring to those around him or her and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Leaders change our lives even though we may not be aware of it. Everyday we are influenced in a good ro bad way by the people we are surrounded by. Leaders change our life path and they are almost always trying their best to develop their beliefs. Although we make decisions that may or may not be very wise, many times it is the influence of others that allow us to make these choices. Not all of us are aware of this but we all have leaders and role models in our lives whether it is our parents or a prominent figure, they are still affecting our lives. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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