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THE YOUNG EMBRACE MODERN TECHNOLOGY, THE OLD FEEL THREATENED BY IT Today's era, witness to astronomical advancement in the field of science and technology, bores a technology savvy generation of people. Such a generation cannot imagine a life without the technologies termed "modern". It seems as though modern technology has become a fundamental need of human beings, not just the young but the old and children alike. Today, people are born in an environment full of all kinds of technologies. A new born child's record of pulse and other anatomical activities are, of course results of modern technology like heart monitor, and so on. Thus, such a child, at youth, may certainly feel modern technology a necessity, and thus embrace it. ...read more.


Thus, many people rightly debate that the old who at youth, hadn't witnessed technological advancement of today, feel threatened by modern technology. Nevertheless not even a single old man can say that he is not influenced by modern technology. In fact, some of the boons of modern technological advancement are more than embraced by the old. They have in fact become a vital part of any old person's life. For example, a blood-sugar monitor for checking diabetes at home has become very useful to the old suffering from diabetes, Also, the old are now able to travel long distances, talk to their important ones from home and get the most up-to-date information on the beloved internet. ...read more.


Thus, it is no surprise that people may certainly feel threatened by modern technology. But, such harmful aspects of modern technology are few and can be got rid of with mutual co-operation among the countries. Also, people should use modern technology in a responsible way so that no harm is done to the nature and other people. There must not be overdependence on modern technology. We must use natural gifts around us and the self-made technology together in a co-operative way such tat the unlimited benefits of the latter and the unlimited power of the former can be utilized to build an ideal world and to live an ideal life. Bearing this thought in mind, it is thus safe to say that both the young and the old embrace modern technology. ...read more.

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