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Unforgetful Florida

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Unforgetful Florida - 1st Draft Holidays... Rememorable times - visiting different countries, beautiful destinations, Landmarks and Parks. Having good and personal time with family so the parents can remember times they had with their children. Such television programs like "Life in the Sun", about people's holiday opinions and times of happiness discovering around the globe. My holiday can't be compared to this cheerful and joyous programme mine is that if my brother will live? A plane flight to Florida the sunshine state, we arrived, the intense heat of 30oC which is more around double in Scotland. In Scotland this could not happen for it was home and he was used to the habitat so going aboard was a 50% chance of the worst to happen to my little brother and in this case, Florida was 51% positive. My family and I were having an extravagant time. We set of to the Theme Parks and Water Parks. We were all building up on really well as a family, even with my little brother who I normally always argue with. On the second week of our holiday something dreadful happened. My mother woke me at half three in the morning telling me to get dressed as we were going to have to take my brother, Chandler, to the hospital. ...read more.


My perspective was changing. I started worrying a little and felt a little selfish that I was moaning and acting like a little brat when my brother really wasn't well. I didn't really know what was happening at the time or what to expect. My dad took me to play snooker then we went for a bite to eat and were really enjoying ourselves. My dad was trying to please me as much as he could but I knew that everything was challenged on the back of his mind and knew exactly where he wanted to be. I told my dad everything would be okay, I was a bit unsure myself but I was trying my hardest to dismiss things. My dad gave me an insecure smile then he gazed away. As we were wondering through the town, nearly every single person who walked past was with their families, laughing and joking. I thought our family would never be complete or be the same again if anything happened to my brother. My dad caught sight of my sorrowful face as all the families were walking by. He knew how I felt and tears started rolling from our eyes. "I don't want Chandler to die dad. ...read more.


It was a really worrying time for my family and I but we pulled through because we all get on really well with each other. I would say that experience brought my family and me closer together. There are only two years between my brother and I and although I don't like to admit it that he is not just my brother, he's my best friend as well. Now I am very cautious and no one will annoy him while I am around like a protective body guard. That's why I make everyday count because you never know what could happen and I would never want to be in that situation again. I have lost close family members before but nothing is compared to what I progressed through when Chandler fell ill, it was a desperate time. Although Chandler and I still have our ups and downs, I would say I'm much closer to him now even though he can be really irritating at times I know I'm lucky to have him! Sometimes you don't know how much you love someone until they are gone or, in my case, nearly gone. This whole experience has adjusted me to grow, be mature and see things from a new, less selfish perspective. So in a way it did help us get together but hopefully it doesn't happen again! ?? ?? ?? ?? Ashley Buchanan ...read more.

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