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Unforgetful Florida

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  • Essay length: 1351 words
  • Submitted: 13/01/2010
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AS and A Level General Studies

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Unforgetful Florida - 1st Draft

Holidays... Rememorable times - visiting different countries, beautiful destinations, Landmarks and Parks. Having good and personal time with family so the parents can remember times they had with their children. Such television programs like "Life in the Sun", about people's holiday opinions and times of happiness discovering around the globe. My holiday can't be compared to this cheerful and joyous programme mine is that if my brother will live?

A plane flight to Florida the sunshine state, we arrived, the intense heat of 30oC which is more around double in Scotland. In Scotland this could not happen for it was home and he was used to the habitat so going aboard was a 50% chance of the worst to happen to my little brother and in this case, Florida was 51% positive.

My family and I were having an extravagant time. We set of to the Theme Parks and Water Parks. We were all building up on really well as a family, even with my little brother who I normally always argue with.

On the second week of our holiday something dreadful happened. My mother woke me at half three

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