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5 issues that the world must be concern today.

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5 issues that the world must be concern today There are so many tough problems that humanity must deal with; too many that I can't count. But as I look through these problems, I realize that there are five most pressing world issues that must be deal with and if these problems, such as deforestation, air pollution, overpopulation, global epidemics and terrorism, can be solve, then the earth will be mush easier to survive to the year 2025, or maybe longer. Air pollution There are currently three main sources of pollution: they are, water pollution, waste pollution, and air pollution. Of these three forms of pollution, the one that affects our health most directly is air pollution. The Earth is getting warmer, and scientists mostly agree that humans bear some blame. It's easy to see how global warming could flood cities and ruin harvests. At present, atmospheric gases trap enough heat close to the surface to keep things comfortable. Increase the global temperature a bit, however, and there could be a bad feedback effect, with water evaporating faster, greenhouse gas, which traps more heat, which drives carbon dioxide from the rocks, which drives temperatures still higher, which cause health problems and also damage the environment and property. ...read more.


They cause terror and death. Some are highly infectious, and can spread across a population with terrifying speed. Others can simply be posted to an enemy, as we saw during the anthrax attacks. Moreover, the next virus could be as deadly as AIDS or worse. And we are not ready for it. What we should do immediately is to increase the accuracy of the global surveillance system and also the disease detection. We must also treat our water carefully and protect people from disease-carrying insect. This is especially important because some of the deadly diseases that might be unleashed by terrorists, such as anthrax and smallpox, could at first be mistaken as an ordinary cold or flu. Overpopulation The key to understanding overpopulation is not population density but the numbers of people in an area relative to its resources and the capacity of the environment to sustain human activities. To meet the demands of the growing population, we are clearing land for housing and agriculture, replacing diverse wild plants with just a few varieties of crops, transporting plants and animals, and introducing new chemicals into the environment. The number of people would keep increasing while the amount of available food would stay the same or even decline. ...read more.


War will have a new face; it will be attack miscellaneous targets in random locations invisibly. This is why if we don't act quickly; the world could be cast into turmoil. It is impossible for us we to see an end to terrorism if we don't learn how to make peace and establish justice, not by adopting the terrorist methods of the criminals, but by protecting everyone's rights, and also learn how to share our wealth rather than merely exploit people. We need a steady process of disarmament with very careful inspection so that no individual, group, or state can terrorize other people. Conclusion We all are human beings first and as human beings the problems, humanity is facing today, are the sense of fear and insecurity. Human societies will always face significant challenges and problems to overcome the past. From the numerous amounts of ways to destroy this planet, humans might still not notice that there could be alternatives that can actually help this planet. Or even they do, they won't do it. The major factor in the acceptance of these alternatives is the rate of acceptance for people. If we still continue to live like what we do and keep destroying the environment, it will also destroy us at the end. ...read more.

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