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A Comparison Of Film Techniques Used To Depict The Omaha Landing "Saving Private Ryan" & "The Longest Day"

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A COMPARISON OF FILM TECHNIQUES USED TO DEPICT THE OMAHA LANDING "SAVING PRIVATE RYAN" & "THE LONGEST DAY" In this assignment I will be comparing two scenes of the landings on the Omaha Beach during the Second World War. The first film is "The Longest Day" and the second film is "Saving Private Ryan". The Longest Day was shot in 1962 compared with the more recent filming of Saving Private Ryan which was shot in 1998. I will be focussing on the camera angles, special effects, sound effects which includes the music used to depict certain scenes and the audiences reaction to this. Also I will comment on the social context and whether it effected each film's different adaptation of this particular event. I had never seen these films before but I knew about the realism in Saving Private Ryan, and as The Longest Day was made a long time ago it will obviously be less realistic and lack the hi-tech effects used today. Also the acting will be of a poorer quality but will certainly be entertaining. I will be surprised at the differences between the two films as they focus on the same event and therefore are the same scene. But I am sure the differences will be visible which will make the films more interesting to the audiences as they aim for varied age groups and were filmed in different time periods. ...read more.


Also everything looks a lot cleaner e.g. the soldiers. The action starts when the two films begin to land on the beach. In SPR they are immediately confronted with a bombardment of machine gun fire. The camera is situated behind all the soldiers on the same boat, You can hear the bullets hit the metal of the boats and the Anti-tank instalments on the beach. Also you can hear flesh being pierced and screams of pain before people have even reached the beach at all. Back to The Longest Day and the soldiers are safely leaving the boats and heading for the land. They casually stroll up to the beach lead by the hero Robert Mitchum in a typical arrogant style. In SPR some of the soldiers are forced to jump out of the sides of the boats and into the sea, where some of the soldiers struggle to stay afloat. Quite a few drown but the majority break free from the heavy equipment and survive to fight on. Whilst we are underwater the sound is sort if muted and blurred as if we were under there with them. You can see bullets entering the water and some hit the soldiers causing them to die. The beach on The Longest Day is much calmer as they start to run across the sand. ...read more.


At various moments this camera stops and looks around and moves into different angles and positions bringing in lots of situations into the equation. There is a man with all his guts hanging out screaming, this is quite disturbing. Also nearby there are soldiers being operated on being told it will be alright when clearly it wont. Unfortunately some soldiers are shot whilst being operated on by the constant german machine gun fire. There are on good effects like these in The Longest Day, you can tell that it is old as the Americans are always being made to look as major heroes and are never made to look fearful or week. As they continue up the beach (in SPR) the fear can always be felt but no so much in The Longest Day. I believe that the Director for Saving Private Ryan did very well indeed to capture this moment in his own style. Both films won many deserved awards. The Longest Day would have been an even greater film in its day but today we can just look back on it and see how much we have improved cinematics and enjoy our progress. I think Saving Private Ryan epitomises great films of the 21st Century and The Longest Day will always be remembered for its efforts to make the war effort never be forgotten. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joshua Stanton Candidate No. 9127, Centre No. 12234 English Coursework - GCSE Media Assignment ...read more.

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