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A GUIDE TO SOUTH AFRICA South Africa is one of the most exciting places anyone would like to go. It is a country located in the southern tip of African continent. Its neighbouring countries are Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland.South Africa is a nation of 44.8 million people of diverse origins, cultures, languages, and beliefs. 75% of its population are black African and the remaining 15% consists of white, colored and Asians. ...read more.


The Countries National park is known to be one of the biggest in Southern Africa and its animal reserve centre consists of all sorts of wild animal, which you hardly see these days. Weekends in Durban well make anyone want to stay forever because the city holds some of the most entertaining places of all time. South Africa is also known for its traditional dishes and wine; the wine is worth travelling halfway round the world for. ...read more.


South Africans very much cherish the freedom they have obtained, but to be able to remember what they went through and feel proud about how they came through it, museums have been built in almost every part of its cities. More than 300 museums all over the country reflect this heritage in a range of places - from elegant 18th century homes to caves in majestic mountain ranges, cultural villages in rural settings to state-of-the-art buildings in major cities. Special Days are set aside to celebrate in memories of those who fought but didn't get to enjoy the freedom of their beloved Country. ...read more.

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