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A letter to the Government of Bangladesh

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A letter to the Government of Bangladesh Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to let you no that these are my three ideas that we need to work on. They are: * Link up to Emergency flood warning system * Build embankments along the river channel * Provide emergency medical stores in each village These are the three key points which I think their really important. First of all lets start with Emergency flood warning system I think that's really important because we no that we can't stop the flooding from happening but we can be ready for the flood when it approaches. ...read more.


In order to formulate flood management and control policies, a thorough understanding of flood problems and how it can be solved is required. This can be done through data collection and analysis along with flood impact assessment. This study attempted to develop an integrated approach of a new model for warning of floods rather than flood mapping for flood risk assessment in flood prone countries for regular monitoring of damages. My second point is about the embankments along the river channel. I think this will really help the village people. The water will stop coming to the village which means more people and crops can survive. ...read more.


But the embankment height remains almost unchanged since its construction. Therefore, the intensity and frequency of embankment breaching and over topping by peak flow are increasing. My third point is about Provide emergency medical stores in each village because not a lot of people are getting queered. People should have their medicine ready when their need it because you never now when u get ill. Also you never now when the flood is happening so you should always be prepared Being the only Emergency Medical Technician Bangladesh company to operate its own air ambulance fleet ensures expeditious movement of patients by people who have the skills and full case details. Repatriations by scheduled airline services, with doctor and nurse accompaniment, are made where appropriate and cost-effective. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Hydrology & Fluvial Geomorphology section.

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