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A Midsummer Nights Death

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A Midsummer Nights Death He was on his own. He waited, not very long. But how long would it take him? He looked up cautiously not knowing what to expect, what was he thinking? He was on a cliff face! What could he expect to see? The answer was of course nothing. Then it hit him. He couldn't see anything and neither could anyone else! He was on a cliff face but so was that homicidal maniac who knew he knew and could end it all right now. Dark rain clouds rolled in; Jonathan could hear thunder breaking on the horizon. He could sense a large storm approaching quickly. Maybe Hugo wouldn't have to do anything, as soon as the storm hit and the rain fell the small, not to mention frail, handgrips would be terrible for climbing of any type. It was now or never! He had to move or nature would take its course and take him off the cliff with it. His visibility was now very poor. As far as he knew Hugo was, could be, bearing down on him preparing to plant a huge climbing boot straight in his face! ...read more.


Whilst poor Jonathan risking life and limb stranded on a cold wet rockface with his lifespan growing ever shorter. Now he felt he had to get to the top, go back to Meddington, plough down Ashworths door and plant five knuckles straight into Ashworths chubby little face. But why had he listened to Ashworths stupid accusations? Why didn't he just let him stroll into the cop's station and let him make a fool out of himself! Then he remembered, he had listened because he knew they were true! Which brought him back to the slight problem of the crazy murderer on top of the climb looking after Jonathan's two lines, which if he slipped were the difference between life and death. He started to climb again more purposely, trying to relieve himself from this deep state of pure fury. With the temperament he was now displaying, he was quite likely to get to the top and push good old murderous Hugo straight off the cliff, that Hugo was quite probably planning to put an end to Jonathan and this whole little fiasco from. ...read more.


He thought that just to be safe he would call up first. "Can I come up yet?" Jonathan yelled at the top of his voice, "I wouldn't quite yet" Hugo answered in an evil, blood-curdling manner. He heard the click of the squad car door opening and a stream of mixed emotions flooded through him. A calm voice wavered across the cold misty air and floated straight down the cliff face, "Now lets not do anything irrational Hugo, just place your hands behind your head and ........" "Nooooooooooooo" An ear-piercing scream came floating down the cliff and Jonathan looked up to see an eerily expressionless face shoot past his face. Although Hugo was falling at a colossal rate Jonathan could have sworn he saw straight into Hugo's deep blue eyes and saw not fear but revenge, revenge being sworn on himself. He cautiously peered over his shoulder fearing Hugo had decided to come back for one last try to take Jonathan with him. But no! That was just his overactive 'horror movie' imagination. There was Hugo still falling, his arms flailing, like a rag doll. He heard the terrible bone crunching arrival of Hugo's body at the base of the misty valley below. He now knew the nightmare was over. Owen Grant Page 2 03/05/2007 ...read more.

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