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A new Railway line is going to be built near your town - Write a letter to the times explaining your views on this development.

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Year 9 Railway assessment Task: A new Railway line is going to be built near your town. Write a letter to the times explaining your views on this development. To the Editor of the times Monday 4th September 1845 Dear Sir, I am writing to you in relation to the development of a Railway near my town. My name is Henry smith and I am a father of two wonderful children and a husband to a wonderful wife. I work in the coal industry. Many of my friends disagree with the development of the Railway near Reeds town, but I am for the new Railway to be established. It was a hard decision to make, as there are many disadvantages for the Railway to be built. The increase of Railways will give an increase in the iron and coal industries and since the transporting fees will be cheaper, we will be able to receive coal more frequently and this is beneficial as the winter weather approaches. Also the thing I am most looking forward to is being able to take my kids on cheap holidays to the seaside. ...read more.


Also it will be much cheaper to carry goods on the Railways than in Canals or roads. Also when food is brought by Canal many things to be done to it. Some of the food would be left on Canal banks leaving it to anyone to steal. The weather could have a bad impact on these foods left on the banks as well. The Railway is more reliable than the Canal because Canals could be closed by frost, drought, wind and tide, the water could damage goods, and there were not enough barges. Letters will arrive much quicker on 'mail trains'. The speed at which business may be done will increase, so the economy could grow quicker. When the Railway line is being built, you will need the necessary equipment such as bricks, stone, cement, wooden sleepers, iron and coal in vast quantities; these industries will probably grow, due to the need of them for building the Railway. The engineering industry will also grow, because of the precision parts needed. Just a few years ago, every village kept its own time. ...read more.


The smoke form the steam engine would produce air pollution, which makes hunting unavailable as the smoke may kill the animals. Cows wouldn't graze within the sight of the locomotives and many women would miscarry at the sight of the locomotives. Farmland, crops and buildings would be burned and destroyed form the sparks, and the smoke would affect the vegetation and gardens. Also the smoke and soot would get into peoples houses in Liverpool and Manchester. People living next to the Railway will experience loud noise which would irritate them during the course if the night, especially when they have a baby to take care of. Even though I am stuck between the advantages and disadvantages of whether a Railway should be built, I feel that the advantages are more public and the disadvantages are more personal. I have to be honest and say that my final decision on whether I agree or disagree to the Railway being established is that I agree. I think the advantages are more valid in this argument whether to have the Railway built. Even though lives can be lost, I think it's a great idea to have this Railway built. Please acknowledge my letter. Yours sincerely By Aimee Wong 9m ...read more.

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