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A survey can either be administered as a census survey where every member of the appropriate population is surveyed, or a sample can be selected.

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Task 1 Surveys A survey can either be administered as a census survey where every member of the appropriate population is surveyed, or a sample can be selected. A census survey gives you the most information and the most accurate picture of the population as a whole. When a population to be surveyed is small, census surveys are often recommended. When larger populations are considered, however, a census survey is sometimes not feasible because of cost and time constraints. When this is the case, there are several types of sampling that can be used to make inferences about the population you sample from. Simple Random Sample When the population is homogeneous, (e.g., all business executives from large accounting firms) a simple random sample is adequate. This means that during the selection process, each element of the population has an equal chance of being chosen. It is analogous to pulling names or numbers out of a hat. ...read more.


For example, customers who purchase specific types of products, live in specific locations, and purchase a minimum dollar amount of products on an annual basis. This profile will be used to ensure that the data collected is as representative as possible. As with any sampling discussion, sample size increases with the complexity of the population being studied. The next step in sampling is to develop a screening routine that will identify appropriate people from each category. This screening routine can be used to control the mix of participants in a focus group or to fill interviewing quotas. Group Discussions Focus Groups A focus group is a highly structured meeting with three main elements: it is led by a trained and impartial moderator; discussion is based on specific issues pre-determined by the client; and, optimally, the group is comprised of eight to twelve participants. In such a setting participants develop and expand on each others' comments and ideas. ...read more.


* The interviewer can use many probing questions to clarify customer responses. * Fast turn around of data and reporting. * Generally, more economical than focus groups. Face-to-face Interview Program stakeholders (such as company executives) are often interviewed in person as part of a Needs Analysis. This structured, face to face conversation is used to develop the goals and objectives of a survey program and to identify specific content areas to include in a survey. Benefits * Typically held in a respondents home or office. * Ideal for reaction to a form or product. * Extensive probing can be used to collect detailed information. * Very convenient for the respondent. * Forms or products can be tested in the environment in which they will be used. * Respondents body language can guide the interviewer and recorded to help interpret comments. Other common qualitative techniques include open-end questions on a written survey and mall intercept interviews. Qualitative data can be a rich source of information and should be considered for both survey development and for exploring survey findings. ...read more.

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