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A very long time ago, in outer space. There was an atom, invisible to thenaked eye.

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Geography Summary to Mr.D`agatha By : Christopher B. Valente A very long time ago, in outer space. There was an atom, invisible to the naked eye. No one knows how the atom was created, it was just there. This atom was very concentrated and very dense. Approximately 30 billion years ago, that atom exploded and out came the material used to create the entire universe. Of course, back then. The universe was very different from today. This is the big bang theory, it wa sproposed by George Gamow a Russian American. According to the theory, the force of the explosion is still making us drift and then will pull us back bringing our existence to an end. When the earth was first created, there was only one continent. It was called Pangea. The Pangea then split up into two smaller continents named respectively Laurasia and Gondowanaland. ...read more.


The material inside the moho are smi molten rocks. Most volcanic activity on the earth`s surface originate from the moho. Laccoliths are a type of ignious formation. This means that these mountains were formed as magma cooled beneath the surface, causing the overlying rock layers to fold upwards. After the magma becomes rock, the less durable rock above it erodes away leaving what we see today as mountains. Mount Royal is a good example of Laccolith. People for a long time thought that Mount Royal was an extinct volcano. The Monteregian Hills extend for about 200 kilometres across the St.Lawrence Plain and a part of the Appalachians. The hills are more resistant rocks that stand above the sedimentary rocks forming the flat plain of the Saint Lawrence Lowlands. Two of the Monteregian Hills are of interest to mineralogists and mineral collectors, Oka Hills ans Mont St. ...read more.


These glaciers may have had depths of a mile or more, filling the surface of the valley, their incredible weight, increasing the valley`s depth. When the glaciers melted about 20 000 years ago, the melting ice left behing Lake Vermont, a big freshwater lake. The glaciers to the north, wich were holding back the sea, melted enough for the salty water to once again flood the region and the Champlain seas was reformed. Around 11 000 years ago, with the giant weight of the glaciers gone. The earth`s surface came back up and the champlain sea became locked into the land, with no contact with the ocean. The salt water was replaced with fresh water from the regions many streams. Eventually the geography changed into what we know today as Lake Champlain and Champlain Valley. Isostatic adjustment is where earth`s shape is modified in response to large scale changes in weight at certain places on the earth. The moho moves around trying to relocate the magma that has been moved. 808 words ...read more.

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