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AIDS and overpopulation in Africa.

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AIDS and overpopulation in Africa As compared to many African nations, the western world has dealt or is dealing with the problems of population, urbanization and AIDS rather effectively. It is within the approach to these problems that many African nations find themselves lost. To better understand the nature of these problems one can only look at Africa's collective political history. The following essay discusses the most important issues and arguments associated with these topics in the context of African politics as well as how the key problems within these topics can be solved or alleviated. Many countries face the problem of population, predominately in sub-Saharan Africa. Humans have no remaining natural predators. The only elements that help limit our populations are disease, famine, and war. There are three main views on the issue of rapid population growth, although the growth of population can be attributed to many factors both pre-colonial and post-independence. ...read more.


It would however, infringe on the civil liberties and basic human rights of women and or couples. The only reasonable approach to this problem is sex education and access to contraceptives. The religious sector of many African nations refuses to allow their congregations to use birth control stating that it is against their holy laws. I believe that under the current situation, we must throw religious ideology out the window as it impedes Africans progress towards a controlled population status. Strict Roman Catholics in this country who would normally reject birth control are supportive because not using birth control now carries with it a stigma in this society because of our education on the subject. It is within this education that will impose the same anti-birth control stigma in Africa. The problem of overpopulation in Africa leads to the next problem of urbanization. People migrating to large cities in search of opportunities isn't a problem in industrialized nations because there is a demand for jobs by businesses. ...read more.


Many have used the excuse that males are genetically predisposed to being promiscuous and wanting multiple sexual partners. This argument is invalid because males all over the world exhibit self the self-control that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. The refusal to discuss AIDS on a national level has fueled the fires of infection rates among uneducated Africans. This denial is only magnified by some politician's refusal to believe in the disease or ease in blaming the disease on western conspiracy theories. Once again the only solution to this problem is education. Education creates a sense of fear in western industrialized nations. This fear outweighs the desire for sex most of the time. And with Africans current epidemic status, the fear should be even more effective. Overall, the best solutions to these problems will be education. Only through an educated population can a long-term solution be found. The lack of education in many of these cases will continue to be the main factor in the prevalence of these terrible conditions Africa faces. ...read more.

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