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Air pollution is the biggest problem in the world. The definition of air pollution is

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Rui Zhang 27.05.05 Disposition 1) Introduction: What is Air Pollution? 2) Body: a) Sources of air pollution I Industry ? Private houses and office buildings ? Envionmental disasters b) Acid rain, smog, and greenhouse effect c) Health problems d) How tu reduce air pollution 3) Conclusion Air Pollution Air pollution is the biggest problem in the world. The definition of air pollution is "The presence in the atmosphere of one ormore contaminants as is injurious, or tends to be injurious, to human health or welfare, animal or plantlife." Acid rain and smog are the two major effects of air pollution. ...read more.


If the ventilation is poor, it's even worse. In addition, active volcanos, desert storms and forest fires make air pollution. Acid rain, smog, and greenhouse effect cause air pollution. Acid rain is a mixture of sulphuric and nitric acid, which is in snow, rain and fog. It affects soil, water, plants, buildings, and the health of animals and people badly. Smog is fog that contains smoke and ozone. It is found in areas where there are high temperatures, heavy traffic, and occurs mostly during winter time when there is less wind. The reaction of ozone, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide with heat and sunlight produces smog. ...read more.


Smog causes many health problems. Most of all respiratory problems like breathing difficulties, nausea and headache, irritation of eyes and nose, lack of concentration, and fatigue which means tiredness. Smog probably causes cancer and skin diseases too. Air pollution is a very serious problem in the world. It affects the environment and human health. We have to get started to reduce air pollution right now. We can plant more trees because they can take carbon dioxide inand release oxygen. Switch off the lights and fans each time we leave rooms. Air pollution is a huge problem and affects the whole world. It's not only the indutries and governments that are responsible for it. Government should pass more laws for traffic and industries to reduce pollutants in the air. Every person has to responsible to reduece air pollution. ...read more.

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