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All of the residents of Stevenage New Town have been provided with an equally good quality of life

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Introduction The aim of my study is to investigate the following hypothesis: "All of the residents of Stevenage New Town have been provided with an equally good quality of life." I intend to prove or disprove this statement as objectively as possibly to complete my assignment. To do this I will have to acquire sufficient evidence to achieve an overall understanding of the present circumstances of the town. To do this we went to Stevenage to study for ourselves the town on which our project was based. We developed questionnaires, which we put to the residents, since they have a first hand experience of living in the town and could offer an informed view of the area they lived in. We also visited several different locations in order to collect data. These included various residential neighbourhoods, the new town center, the new central leisure complex, the old town centre, and the retail park popularly known as 'Roaring Meg', which is along side the industrial zone. In each area we recorded how the land had been used, i.e. what type of shops were found there, low-order goods or high- order goods. ...read more.


Medium-class housing 5) High-class housing However, this model is an urban model. Urban models, like all models, have boundaries and are therefore open to criticism. Regardless of the advantage of simplicity, and his own admission that it was specific to one place and one period of time (the 1920s), the Burgess model has been criticised in some instances on reasons that did not exist when it was put forward. This led to much of Stevenage being created in a very short amount of time. Chapter 2 - Housing While on our trip in Stevenage, we visited several different locations in order to collect data. These included various residential neighbourhoods, being Shephall, the Old Town, Bedwell and Chells. In each area we recorded various details that would later help us to conclude our project. These details included; the type of housing, the age of housing, the density of the housing, the housing style, the size of the garden, the parking facilities, the privacy, which the location provided, and the condition of the housing. It was clear from our results that some areas provided a better quality of life for the residence. ...read more.


Most gardens seemed to be well maintained, as was the houses themselves and the surrounding area. I presume that the residence of this area were possibly better of than some of the other areas, looking at the number, variety and style of the cars. Kite diagrams showing the quality of environments in each area Chapter 3 - Retail The Town Centre of Stevenage provides a wide range of shopping and leisure facilities. It is also an important centre for employment opportunities. These facilities cater not only for those who live and work in the Town, but also for people who travel from other areas specifically to use these facilities. There is also residential accommodation within the Town Centre. It is provided above the retail and service units and in the residential block, the Towers. Stevenage is known for its sub-regional centre for shopping and leisure activities. The Town Centre is also an important asset in terms of the amount of both public and private investment that has taken place in the past. It is important to maintain and enhance this investment in terms of both the facilities provided and the environment. The Town Centre provides a number of development and redevelopment opportunities, although with relatively restricted land resources the optimum use must be made of available land. ...read more.

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