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Analyse how the agenda for action is using local partnerships, and clusters of related organisations and individuals

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Analyse how the agenda for action is using local partnerships, and clusters of related organisations and individuals. What are the likely benefits and drawbacks of this in achieving sustainable development and how might the business involved be accountable? The agenda for action was published by advantage west midlands. It sets out specific actions required to deliver the regional economic strategy. The agenda defines the significant priority actions that partners in the region have agreed will deliver west midlands economic strategy. The agency has targeted three regeneration zones that are working through forums of partnerships, which encourage people to work across traditional boundaries and develop new relationships. The agency is trying to develop business clusters, which are groups of businesses and related organisations linked through a common technology or end product. It has to be considered how clusters of related organisations can help achieve a better quality of life for everyone now and in the future. It could be argued clusters will enable sustainable development because it will bring new businesses into the midland, which will help the local economy grow. ...read more.


This can help future generations who are more likely to be educated which will help maintain the development of industry in the midlands. A better trained local population in a local area experiencing economic growth will also attract other businesses to locate in the midlands which will also help the growth of the region which will maintain higher standards of living brought about from increased education, good infrastructure and increased business activity. However it is possible business clusters in the midlands will become a threat to sustainable development because firstly the main aim for the majority of businesses is to maximise profit. This can be achieved by minimising private costs therefore business won't be bothered about preserving the environment and helping the community because it is an added cost. Therefore the businesses operations may have a negative effect, which could prevent the development the business clusters have enabled to occur from being preserved. On the other hand it can be argued that Firms will be ethical because the decisions on their operations are not just influenced by the ...read more.


Another threat the cluster of business may present to sustained development is that they will use up the majority of the regions limited resources which means future generations will not have access to these resources such as steel and Iron. However the business may try to use resources efficiently together rather than wasting resources. It is clear that a business cluster of related partnerships can help achieve sustainable development but its operations can also prevent the development from being maintained if it acts unethically. However it could be argued that businesses have responsibility to help sustain development in the communities where it operates by acting socially responsible as it has a detrimental effect on the quality of life of its stakeholders and the environment the business operates in. However the amount of responsibility the business has to account for depends on the laws created by the government to protect the environment and the actions consumers and pressure groups take to influence firms act responsibly. Jolene Giggs ...read more.

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