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Analyse the reasons for separatism within or across national boundaries and discuss the consequences 40 marks

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´╗┐By Charlotte Zealey Analyse the reasons for separatism within or across national boundaries and discuss the consequences 40 marks In 2007 when the Scottish National Party in its manifesto pledge to get independence for the country from the UK. They first set a target of been independent by 2010 but this now been pushed back to 2014/15 when everyone will vote to see if they should be a country in their own right. They are is a numerous reasons why they want to break off from the UK. They claim that they are losing their own heritage which is something that they are so proud of but people now see this as English heritage and they are not getting the credit for it from people who live on other shores. They would want to get this back and shout about it if they had got their independence back which is what they are fighting about right now. They would make Robert Burns more famous than he currently is worldwide for been Scottish and also make sure that he has a legacy left. They would also make sure that all the castles that they currently have are maintained so that people so know what has happened in these areas and why that are actually built because they all have history and this is something which a lot of people who don't live in the country of Scotland know about. ...read more.


The countries that they aspire to be like are Northern Ireland and also Norway who are both the same size and have independence which is something that Scotland are desperate for. They also want to become independence because this would then mean that they got seats at the UN meetings and also EU council of ministers which because they are part of the UK they are classed and represented by the British ones. But people in Scotland claim that they are not fairly represented at these because the things which they really need backing is fisheries and agriculture but they are not thought to be high on the agenda at these meetings but if Scotland got their independence they would have some representatives and this would mean that they would be able to fight for what they believe in a so this is a reason why people want to get the independence because they want to have people who will stand up for them not people who basically don't care about them. Wales has now tried to follow suit and become an independent country because again they think that they are losing their own culture as well as the heritage they feel like they are losing the language which has been spoken in the country for years but now has started to die out. ...read more.


Scotland currently own a lot of the oil rigs which are situated in the North Sea and this could see them having to sell the oil that they extract from the earth sold to other countries which are in desperate need such as Japan who may pay a higher price than the England are prepared to pay. So this would see Scotland making money but it could see a massive economic effect on England because they would be forking more money out for this to a country such as UAE who have a lot of oil which they can sell for money as they don't need it all. So this could see taxes in the UK rise and also there be more cut backs in England which is not something which the country need in this current economic downturn. Other effects would be that the main water supply for the North East of England is actually situated in Scotland which cause some problems because of course they may not want supply this area and they could use the water for them self in their own country or they could choose to bottle this and this would mean that they could make more money than they do now and this could mean that they would be a lot of problems for England as again we would have to pay a lot of money and also we could have to find another source of water for this area of the country. ...read more.

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