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Are the services in a settlement directly proportional to the population of that settlement?

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Method for Objective 1 Are the services in a settlement directly proportional to the population of that settlement? We already know what directly proportional means, if the population of a settlement doubles, the services should double. E.g., 1000 people, 10 services, or 2000 people 20 services. This makes the method easier. Firstly, we found out the population figures of the settlement we decided to survey. We obtained these figures from the local council, who gave us mid-term estimates, as the census figures may be a bit old. Secondly, we chose which settlements we would visit. Different ranges of settlements were chosen, ranging from large to small settlements. Eight settlements were chosen, including Maldon and South Woodham Ferrers. These are: Bradwell Water/Bradwell on Sea Tillingham Stone/St Lawrence Steeple Southminister Burnham on Crouch Mayland Latchingdon Specialist Goods Ticks Chemist 1 Clothing 3 Electrical goods 2 Supermarket 3 Post Office 2 Due to visiting every settlement being to time consuming, we decided to do a representative sample. ...read more.


That gives you an overall total for that service. For example: Specialist Goods Ticks Weighting System Total Newsagent 2 2 4 We then went to Maldon and South Woodham Ferrers and totalled up the services, we used the same method as in the smaller settlements, using the logging sheet, and weighting system because of the larger towns our class was split in half, four groups went to Maldon, and four groups went to South Woodham Ferrers. Each of the 4 groups in the settlement were split in half again in the town centre, 2 group totalled up the top section and the other 2 groups totalled up the bottom section. We than added both sections (top and bottom) to give an overall total number of services for Maldon and South Woodham Ferrers. Once we collected all the services for the 10 towns, we put our results onto a spreadsheet. ...read more.


We only counted the services in the town centres; there could have been other services on the side streets or on the edge of town. The solution to this problem is that, when you are surveying the town centre, take more time, and survey the whole settlement thoroughly. 4) When doing a survey there is always the risk of double counting. There may be a Danger of overlapping areas being surveyed. The solution is that, you should do the survey twice to be sure and to check over your first results. You should not split into groups and do individual parts; you should do the town as one whole group. 5) The last problem is that, the population figures used in our survey are not very good. They are badly out of date and there is a chance that the settlements we surveyed may have grown or got smaller. The solution to this problem is that, we should try to get more recent population figures from the council. ...read more.

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