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Assess The View That Hazardous Events Have More Short- Term Than Long-Term Impacts On Populations.

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Assess The View That Hazardous Events Have More Short- Term Than Long-Term Impacts On Populations. A hazardous event can incorporate many different Physical and Human disasters however for this specific essay I will be concentrating on Physical events only although it should not be forgotten that this question could lead to Human events too. A Short-term event is dictionary defined as, "Involving or lasting a relatively brief time." However in this instance it could be defined as an impact that last for a short period of time and that is resolved quickly, where a Long-term event is dictionary defined as "Involving, maturing after, or being in effect for a long time" however regarding this topic it could be explained as an impact on populations that last a long time and do not resolve themselves immediately. For this essay I will be looking at four specific case studies, each covering a different type of Hazardous Event. For my first case study I will be looking at the volcanic eruption of Mount St. Helens and how the long and short term effects of the eruption impacted on the population. ...read more.


Short-term effects of this case study are hard to find, but the main one that exists are, the effect of houses falling into the sea and possessions being lost and businesses being ruined. It is thought that over 20 m is being eroded per year in some places There are more long term effects for this case study as the event is continuous. It is thought that erosion has occurred here since the last ice age. One of the main long term effects of this event on population is the fact that towns and villages have been continuously eroded. It is thought that 23 towns and villages have been eroded since Roman Era. Another effect is the fact that field and economically valuable land has also been lost and is being lost. This is an unusual case study as it is ongoing; the event is not one off that lasts for a small period of time. It doesn't follow on with the title and does not agree that there are more short term impacts than long term however as this is ongoing it may cause an anomaly. ...read more.


This could be due to the type of disaster of the sheer magnitude of it. To make an overall assessment on the view that hazardous physical events have more short-term than long-term impacts on populations is simple if only the four case studies I have assessed were taken into account. If this was the case then the short term effects greatly have more impact on populations as they are quick and catch them unawares. They also scare inhabitants and make them fear future disasters. This could be caused however due to the fact I have only examined four case studies. If more studies in different criteria's were used a different result may prevail, however in my opinion the short term impacts will always outweigh the long term when it comes to populations. This could however change in the future as spatial issues may show. Technology is forever increasing, this increase and progress in technology may in the future lead to the reduction of impact caused by hazardous events as scientists may be able to predict events and take necessary precautions effectively. However at this moment in time, my view is that short-term impacts have more impact on populations than long-term ones regarding hazardous physical events. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jon Coupland G3 Jan. 12, 09 ...read more.

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