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Aswan High Dam

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  • Essay length: 1203 words
  • Submitted: 26/03/2005
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AS and A Level Production - Location & Change

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Aswan High Dam

The Aswan High Dam is located about 7 miles south of the city of Aswan on the River Nile. At the turn of the twentieth century the population of Egypt was growing so fast that the agriculture industry couldn't keep up. Agriculture was based along the River Nile as it had been since the Ancient Egyptians. The river flooded every year creating the fertile soils along its banks. If the agriculture industry was to expand stability was needed along the banks of the Nile.

The only way to control the river was to build a dam. The original dam was the Aswan Dam, which was built by the British and completed in 1902. This dam was created 3 miles south of Aswan. However this dam proved to be insufficient due to the enormous pressure placed on it by the large volumes of water. The Aswan Dam's height was raised in building campaigns of 1907-12 and then in 1929-34. However, even after these campaigns the dam's sluices had to be opened to relieve the pressure behind the dam. This caused enormous damage further down the valley and areas that were supposed to be protected

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