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At present, the countryside is accessible to everyone; there are certain projects, such as the KSCP (Kentish Stour Countryside Project) that promote easy access to rural areas for all visitors whatever their ability.

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Access to the countryside At present, the countryside is accessible to everyone; there are certain projects, such as the KSCP (Kentish Stour Countryside Project) that promote easy access to rural areas for all visitors whatever their ability. They believe that access should be available by many forms of transport; the KSCP promotes walking, cycling, and public transport as a means of getting to rural areas. The Countryside Agency The countryside agency promotes access to the countryside; it brings together all the different countryside dimensions, for example economic, environmental, community and enjoyment into a single national body. Its aim is to achieve sustainable development in the countryside. The countryside agency does not make policies or deliver services but provides evidence and advice to those who do. They have a number of statutory duties which include designating national parks and mapping open land for public access. They go about this by: * Identifying problems and opportunities by researching issues in the countryside. * Testing solutions via advice and grants to tackle rural issues or shape future policies. * Sharing good practice and encouraging others to roll out solutions. * Give advice on the impact of policies on the countryside and rural communities. ...read more.


* They also hope to promote National Parks as sustainable landscapes where people can and do live and work. * ANPA tries to increase the understanding of members and staff of National Park Authorities through training and developing them. * ANPA hopes to be a focus for shared working and corporate activity. What is a National Park? The definition for a National Park as by (Dower, J, National Parks in England &Wales, HMSO, 1945) is: "an extensive area of beautiful and relatively wild country in which, for the nation's benefit and by appropriate national decision and action: - The characteristic landscape beauty is strictly preserved; - Access and facilities for open-air enjoyment are amply provided; - Wildlife and buildings and places of architectural and historic interest are suitably protected; - Established farming use is effectively maintained" Where are the National Parks in the UK? There are twelve National Parks that are located all over England and Wales. They are as follows: * The Peak District * Dartmoor * Yorkshire Dales * Brecon Beacons * Lake District * Pembrokeshire Coast * Exmoor * The Broads * Snowdonia * North York Moors * Northumberland * New Forest If they were all put together then the UK's National Parks would cover around 10% of the UK's rural areas. ...read more.


Protect plants and animals and take your litter home It is a criminal offence to so not only will you get arrested for dropping litter but makes the place look untidy and can be dangerous to wildlife and farm animals. You should be careful not to damage the natural environment such as rocks, plants and trees as they can be homes for wildlife. Sometimes legal fires can be set in order to manage vegetation, they are usually set between October and April so it is important to check that a fire is not supervised before you call 999. Keep your dog under close control By law you must control your dog so that it does not scare animals. Although you do not have to keep your dog on a lead when on public footpaths if you cannot control it, it is best to do so. By law a farmer is allowed to destroy a dog that injures or worries their animals. Dog mess is unpleasant and can cause infection, clean it up. Consider other people You should respect the needs of local people, for example by not blocking gateways or driveways. By law cyclists should give way to walkers and horse riders on bridleways and everyone should keep out of the way when farm animals are being gathered or moved, you should follow directions from the farmer when this is happening. ...read more.

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