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Benefits of Canadian Immigration Policy.

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Benefits of Canadian Immigration Policy Immigration: the entrance of people into a country for the purpose of settling in that country. This paper will take a closer look at benefits and costs of having an immigration friendly policy. The Canadian immigration department has developed very systematic immigration criteria to recruit economic class immigrants, which includes skilled workers, and business class immigrants in to Canada. The primary objective of Canada's immigration policy focuses on the economic benefits to Canada by fulfilling a legitimate need of the Canadian labor market. The Canadian policy on foreign workers permits the admission of foreign workers who meet Canada's needs while ensuring that Canadian citizens and permanent residents have adequate employment and training opportunities. The balance between these two objectives is reached by admitting foreign workers whose skills are in short supply and their migration will not adversely affect Canadian citizens or permanent residents or where benefits will result from the entry of the foreign workers. ...read more.


In terms of labor force participation, in their first years after arrival, immigrants tend to have lower rates than the Canadian-born population. This is because a number of migrants spend time upgrading either professional, trades, or language skills, and many women take time out from the workforce to raise children. Over time, however, the labor-force participation rates of the foreign born not only converge with those of the Canadian-born population, but exceed them. For instance, 81 percent of male immigrants aged 45-64 who arrived in Canada between 1981 and 1990 participate in the labor force, compared to 78 percent of Canadian-born men in the same age bracket (Infometrica Ltd 2001, 48-49). Recent immigrants are more likely to experience unemployment in their first five years in Canada than those immigrants who have been in the country for a longer period of time. ...read more.


The impact of immigration on social services depends on the use of government services by immigrants. To keep the influx of immigrants into Canada advantageous, the taxes paid by immigrants have to cover, if not, exceed the benefits they receive from each program. According to a study of the net fiscal effects of recent legal immigration suggest that these effects-measured over the lifetimes of the immigrants and their descendants-are positive. That is, immigrants and their descendants typically pay more in taxes than they receive in government benefits. (MLE, 330) This study however is using the United States as its subject. It is clear that where immigration levels are full and who ends up migrating will have profound effects on the size and characteristics of Canadian society. Likewise, it also appears that immigrant settlement will continue to be highly localized in a relatively small number of cities. This has implications for the degree to which Canadian society in its entirety shares the benefits and costs of immigration and ethno cultural diversity. ...read more.

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