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Brent Cross shall have a bigger sphere of influence than High Wycombe

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Introduction: The sphere of influence of a site is also known as its catchment area. A sphere of influence is how far people are willing to travel for a service or product. The two sites that I shall be using to investigate the sphere of influence will be Brent Cross and High Wycombe. The reasons why I have chosen the following sites is that there is a stark contrast between the size of the settlements and the number and quality of services with in these settlements. The aim of my inquiry is: -To see whether people travel further for better quality goods. -To investigate the differences in sphere of influence between my two sites. -To investigate the factors affecting the sphere of influence. Hypothesis: I choose HMV record store in Brent Cross because it is based in a large shopping center, as it is a big shopping center it will tend to attract more people, so it seemed practical to collect my data for my project here. In one of the shopping centers that I have chosen there is a variety of shops inside. These shops are from high order to a low order. The high order shops are more commonly known as a specialist shop; examples of these are electronic shops or Marshall. ...read more.


My secondary data will include population statistics and the number of shops present in each Town. Meaning that I can work out the breaking point of each town by using the formula: I can also use the number of shops to calculate the breaking point. Another factor affecting people is the day and the time of day. So as to make my results unbiased I went on a weekend on both days, and I also made sure that I went there at approximately the same time, which was 12 in the afternoon. Both the time and the day could easily influence my data. As a result of asking people on a weekday, the results may vary a lot then if I went at the weekend. The reasons for this could be that people are working, or traffic is worse on one day than another or that people generally have more spare time on the weekend. I have to take these all into account when I come to analyzing my results. Brent Cross Octagon Analysis and Conclusion: The two bar graphs show us the number of people visiting other stores along with the ones, which I had studied. The significance of this is that you can see the push and pull factors that each of these bar graphs represent. ...read more.


It is also clear to see that it is in Greater London. This is a very big advantage as regards to the number of people visiting the shopping center. As Brent Cross has a population of 200,000+ then it is regarded as a fairly large city according to the hierarchy of settlements. Brent Cross having a population of 200,000+ means that it needs to provide more services to the population. Providing services to a wide population means the greater variety of shops and services and the wider the area from which people will travel to use the center. This means that Brent should have (according to the hierarchy of settlement based upon services) one covered area in the city center, many shopping streets and several edge-of-city centers. High Wycombe: By looking at the map it's clear that the Octagon is situated near some large cities such as Amersham, Beaconsfield and Maidenhead. High Wycombe unlike Brent Cross is not situated near London, and so won't get as many people visiting it, as it would have if it were situated nearer London. High Wycombe has a population in excess of 150,000. This means that it has to provide a certain amount of services to its population but in the same extent that Brent Cross does. As it does not have as many people living there, this reveals that it must not have as much variety as Brent Cross. ...read more.

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